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Oct 5, 2009
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10,000 volt tu


DESCRIPTION: All four were down with one managing to escape from the scene who survived. The other three died, one in hospital. Around 17:40 yesterday, located the urban water Nancun near the NICE factory with electric shock accident occurs in the region: four painters in moving a 9-meter-high scaffolding to accidentally touch one of ten thousand volt high-tension wires, two people were killed and two others were injured.

After the incident, the City People's Hospital emergency dispatch medical personnel rushed to the scene. In addition to a man has confirmed that died on the spot, the ambulance picked up another 3 from the field.

6:00 pm, reporters rushed to the NICE. The accident took place in the plant's northeast corner, No. 301, next to the warehouse.

Due to the strong current, the scaffolding installed at the bottom of plastic wheel even has melted and stuck to the ground. And even more shocking is that the man died on the spot lying under the scaffold, a charred face, the hair stood up, the body of white smoke emerge from time to time.

"A burst of 'pop' sound, was to die." According to eyewitnesses, the incident was the man who had also once kindled a fire, and later others take to the fire extinguisher before the fire to be extinguished.

It is understood that the four painters is not the the NICE company's employees were injured in the accident, just to No. 301 warehouse canopy painted. Afternoon when they are ready to move the paint job originally used scaffolding to repair a light bulb. Four people holding each the scaffolding of four feet, forward push with scaffolding, never even noticed that the top of the high-voltage wire, and eventually led to the tragedy.

Later, reporters rushed to the Municipal People's Hospital. After getting to know the reporter learned that, in which three people received treatment, one person has died from serious injuries, tragic death.

Li Hailiang is one of the two rescue came, Hunan, 25-year-old. After emergency treatment in the hospital, his vital signs remained stable. But he still shivering in shock.

Li Hailiang, recalled that just after 17:00 after work, he and three other workers arrange to repair NICE the factory warehouse canopy on the lamp, because the position of the lamp is relatively high, so the four of them pushed past the scaffolding. Li Hailiang, said: "It's like being struck by lightning as a black eye, and instantly fell down."

After more than a minute before he got up. He subconsciously fear again electricity to run out of go out into the plant. Li Hailiang said, that he had forgotten the pain, forget the cries only pray for someone to help, what they have done is completely unaware of.

It is understood that the four workers were three people from Hunan Province, the artificial Zhejiang Ji. Emergency department doctor told reporters that rescue came two men, Li Hailiang is relatively lucky, another because of pulmonary edema and other serious illness into the intensive care ward, Li Hailiang vital signs did not appear abnormal in two Li Hailiang no condition fluctuations within weeks, the hospital can give him to take the next steps.
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Jun 7, 2010
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