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Verse Payments - - earn 5 USD and 5 USD


Jan 4, 2019
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Verse" is a new online bank that offers 5 euros as a welcome gift to the sponsor and the refferal for opening an account that takes just 5 minutes with an automatic verification of an identity document. "No need to make a phone call with an advisor as with other online banks.

How it works then:
1-You download the app here :

2 - After installing the application, you enter your information.

3-You recharge your account with 5 euros with a bank card.

4-You pass the identity check.

5You send the 1 euros for a friend or persone who uses the application, if you do not know a person who uses the application, send me a message and I will give you my address to send me the 5 euros that I will send you back.

6-after sending the 5 euros, me and you will receive 5 euros from the bank.

7- and after that, you will be able to withdraw the 5 euros you have earned and deposit them directly and instantly into your bank account.

8- after that you will get your own refferal that will allow you to invite people to the application and get 5 euros on every person that you sponsor on the app

Besides that, verse is a mobile bank that allows you to pay online, send and receive money, deposit money and make instant money transfers to any bank account you want in Europe.

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