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  1. mamadov12

    Paying DogeNova Cloud Mining-

    DOGENOVA NEW CLOUD MINING DOGE PLATFORM Invest plans: - 7% for 45 Days | Price: 50 DOGE - 8% for 45 DAYS | Pice : 100 DOGE - 9% for 60 DAYS | Pice : 150 DOGE - 10% for 60 DAYS | Pice : 200 DOGE - 10% for 60 DAYS | Pice : 250 DOGE - 10% for 60 DAYS | Pice : 300 DOGE - 12.5% for 60 DAYS | Pice ...
  2. cryptosp

    Wallet LEDGER NANO X – (Hardware wallet)

    LEDGER NANO X – THE GATEWAY TO EVERYTHING CRYPTO Ledger Nano X - highly secure, easy-to-use, and industry-recognised hardware wallet manage your cryptocurrencies anytime, anywhere. Ledger Nano X – The growth & emergence of cryptocurrencies The crypto market is forecasted to increase...
  3. spekmato

    Token Unlisted Shitcoin Talk - Lubuk Emas atau Lubuk Perak?

    slm kawe buka rumah baru untuk kita bincangkan coin2 yang dilupakan...(ada kata shitcoin :)) ) kawe ada beli coin2 ni di exchanger coinex, yobit, binance, kucoin dan lain2 exchanger coin2 shitcoin yang telah kawe beli.. 1. paccoin 2. token 3. yes 4. trx 5. dime 6. NYC 7. SHND 8. sprts 9...
  4. cryptosp

    Unlisted - the Solution to Hacks and Scams!

    Security Protocol Security Protocol the Solution to Hacks and Scams! Security protocol is a decentralized insurance protocol, aiming to provide reliable, robust, and carefree DeFi insurance services to the Defi users, with a very low premium and sustainable investment returns. Security...
  5. cryptosp


    SNEAK PEEK YEAY CREATOR ECONOMY EVENT ft. G-Eazy, Robby Hauldren, Michael Wilson, Melanie Mohr... DOWNLOAD YEAY! FOLLOW US EVERYWHERE: Instagram ➔ TikTok ➔ FIND MORE INFLUENCERS ON YEAY: Nicole García...
  6. R


  7. R

    Quai Dao -

  8. P

    Earn €15 Bonus & get a free share as well (€5 - €200) + chance to win a Tesla Model 3

    Great offer with Bitpanda at the moment, for existing users, if you have an account and have made at least one deposit of €25, a fractional share potentially worth between €5 and €200 is coming your way, and if your a new user there is still time to get in on the action in time for the free...
  9. mamadov12

    Paying DogeDones New Cloud Mining Doge Platform -

    Start April 25, 2021 Plans: -Accept: DogeCoin -Dedicated DDoS protected Server - Cloudflare -SSL - Cloudflare, Inc -Referral commission: 4% -Automatic Withdraw - Automatic Deposit -Minimum Deposit: 50 Doge -Minimum Withdraw: 50 Doge 15 Doge Registration Bonus! Register Now
  10. cryptosp

    Equalizer Finance Mining - Equalizer.Finance

    Equalizer Finance Equalizer.Finance Announces the Start of Liquidity Mining Program Today, we are pleased to announce the new Liquidity Mining program for EQZ/ETH liquidity providers on Uniswap and EQZ/BNB liquidity providers on Pancakeswap. Liquidity Mining is the process of earning...
  11. cryptosp

    Token WOM Protocol -

    We are often asked to forecast the revenue potential of the WOM Protocol. Partners considering integration, as well as creators and authenticators considering joining the community understandably want to weigh up their earning potential before committing. We could respond to these questions...
  12. Xploit Machine

    News, Fundamentals Semua Skim Pelaburan Kripto Di Malaysia Tidak Sah

    23.04.2021 - Shah Alam,Skim pelaburan mata wang kripto yang ada di Malaysia merupakan satu skim haram dan tidak sah. Pakar Keselamatan Siber, Fong Choong Fook berkata, kesemua jenis pertukaran mata wang digital tempatan tersebut tidak diiktiraf Bank Negara Malaysia. “Jadi di Malaysia tiada skim...
  13. cryptosp


    CBERRY, CRYPTOS FIRST CONTENT PLATFORM ON THE BINANCE SMART CHAIN Content creation and consumption is a vital part of the human ecosystem. For most people, they utilize their social media accounts even without getting rewarded. “Contents are everywhere, we see them on TV, blog posts, our...
  14. H

    Paying Dogefor

    PLANS: BRONZE PACKAGE: Daily Profit 10% - PRICE:150 DOGE SILVER PACKAGE: Daily Profit 10% - PRICE:300 DOGE GOLD PACKAGE: Daily Profit 12.5%- PRICE:750 DOGE PLATINIUM PACKAGE: Daily Profit 15% - PRICE:1000 DOGE DIAMOND PACKAGE: Daily Profit 17.5% -PRICE:3000 DOGE...
  15. Xploit Machine

    News, Fundamentals Visa Umum Ujian Rintis Untuk Transaksi Guna Kriptowang USDC

    Visa kini mengumummkan mereka sedang melakukan ujian rintis untuk menerima transaksi melalui kriptowang USDC dibawah rangkaian mereka. Untuk makluman, USDC merupakan salah satu bentuk stablecoin yang berasaskan kepada nilai matawang US. Visa akan bekerjasama dengan platform pembayaran
  16. B

    Pi Network - Probably Your Last Chance To Mine | Entering Mainnet This Year

    Pi Network, run by a team lead by Stanford Phd Dr. Nicolas Kokkalis, after 2 years since launching, is expected entering Mainnet before end of 2021, means that every single Pi coins you hold will have its value, the value is rumored to be around $100-$300 usd per coin but we will see. Mine while...
  17. cryptosp

    Exchange Psychic Finance - - A Crypto DeFi Farm And Predictive Market

    Psychic Finance A Crypto DeFi Farm And Predictive Market With a Difference Psychic token is crypto-based upon a model that combines innovative farming and nft. Using the Binance Smart chain, it consists of three markets: Farming, NFT, and Predict. SELECT YOUR FIELDS Earn PSY...
  18. B

    Bee Network - - Mine Free Coins With Your Phone APP

    Download your APP and start mining today: (Or just search "Bee Network" at Apple Store/Play Store) Referral Code: blesser9027 (You need to fill in referral code in order to register an account) HAPPY MINING!
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