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Sep 17, 2007
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Trend Quality Indicator's

Indicator diprogramkan berdasarkan dalam article " Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities : 2004" oleh David Sepiashvili.

Sedikit penerangan pasal trend quality indicators, dalam bahasa Inggeris :

Some preface : in the attached article the author does a well job explaining what he felt a 2 most important points of Trend Quality indicators calculation. What is not explained there is how the "direction" (or "reversal" as the coders of tradestation, metastock, amibroker ... call it) is determined. It is a difference of 2 emas (7 and 15 ema by default) and since the difference of 2 emas is by definition macd, it turns out that the additional "spice" in these indicators is macd. It does not make these indicators a "yet another macd" indicator, since they are not that, but I felt it necessary to clarify that point too (to avoid some mis-expectations)

There are 2 "flavors" of Trend Quality indicators : the Q indicator (which is in a strict sense the "quality" indicator) and the B indicator (or a "trend-noise balance indicator") Both of these versions are going to be varied since both can be modified in order to show the whole thing a bit differently.
Boleh digunakan bersama indicators yg lain atau digunakan sebagai "standalone".



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Apr 25, 2019
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Trend indicators help most traders in their work. With their help you can look at the perspective, how the price of an asset will behave and buy a deal in the future. This is especially convenient for those who are engaged in long-term trading. As I have heard from many traders, trend indicators can be combined in different ways to determine the entry point more accurately and to find the best time to buy. Now there is a huge number of such indicators, so everyone will be able to find something for himself or herself and effectively earn on Forex or in any other direction of trading.
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