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Nov 19, 2005
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User Title Status

"Forex System Developer"
"Experienced Trader"
"Advanced Trader"

Few years ago we've created these titles above as a part of win-win situation between the community & individuals - we rewards members who are able to share their knowledges & ideas by opening thread on selected sub forum within Forex subforms. Till know most rewarded members had gain benefit on themselves from the proud status & only-status-allowed in selected sub forum. Unfortunately the 'opening thread' contribution is not constant. Very little of them opened more than one thread, and many had got only one single thread. And even their single thread hasn't updated for years. At the same time, they've got full benefit till know and making money & commissions everyday till now. We've also had made our mistake rewarding 1-2 members for instant because of their 'reputation' from other forum with the hope they can contribute something in the forum, but zero thread unless rebate offers for their own benefits at all.

Because of this phenomenon we've received lots of complaints from other members, which is worth to be considered. Therefore, start from today 2 Feb 2015, we have decided to freeze all titles above until we replace with new reliable & fair system coming in near future.

Closure of "Trader Affiliates & Rebates Offer" Sub forum

This sub forum is part of privileges for of the above rewarded user title. Since the Title Status has announced freeze, there will be no more privileges. Existing forum rule has said that all kinds of advertisements threads or any strategies to promote Forex Rebates & Commissions IS NOT ALLOWED IN CG except in AVATAR & SIGNATURES. We do hope this rule can be followed as usual.

Closure of "Broker Supporters & Hard Fans" Sub forum

All discussions and related promotions should be continued in respective official threads in Forex Brokers sub forum.
Not open for further replies.
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