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Nov 30, 2022
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LetsExchange welcomes you! is an instant exchange service where you can swap over 3,800 cryptocurrencies without mandatory account registration and with practically no upper limitations. You can also buy and sell crypto for over 80 fiat currencies on

Along with these advantages, you can benefit from the following:
  • cross-chain swaps if you want to exchange a coin supported by several blockchains (e.g. USDT TRX20 to USDT BEP20)
  • a comfortable personal account with all the necessary data to monitor your portfolio
  • a Telegram bot to swap crypto
  • 24/7 customer support
  • the best exchange rates
If you have a community and want to earn, this option is available, too. You can choose any of the suitable B2B tools:
  • customizable widgets and buttons
  • white-label exchange solutions
  • affiliate links
Are you ready to join us? You can swap your coins here:

And join our community not to miss any updates from us!






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LetsExchange Is 2 Years Old! Celebrate with Us and Win 500 USDT!​

LetsExchange is going to celebrate its 2nd birthday! The best celebration is to reward our loyal users. And the best reward is the money, of course!
What about winning 500 USDT?


Make any swap in any crypto pair, any sum, on from March 1 to 17th.
Request the Receipt – there, you will have all the data about your transaction. You won’t be able to participate without the receipt, so requesting it and keeping it until the winner is announced is a must!

Wait till we announce the lucky winner!

How Will the Winner Be Selected?​

All swaps are anonymous, so we will be using a randomizer to pick a transaction ID. Yep, we will just enter in the randomizer the IDs of all transactions made on our platform from 1st to 17th March, and the tool picks the luckiest one. How will you know whether your ID won? That’s why you need to keep the receipt of all your swaps made during this period. There, all the data of each transaction is displayed, including the transaction ID.

Can More Than One Swap Participate?​

Yes, absolutely. We don’t collect users’ personal data; thus, only transaction IDs will participate. The more swaps you make, the higher your chances of winning!

Hurry Up! the Time Is Limited!​

Don’t waste your time. Make as many swaps as possible, keep all the transaction receipts, and cross your fingers in the hope of winning!

Anywhere money is used, nano can do better, – interview with the Nano team

A 100% sustainable cryptocurrency, Nano, is here with some insights on the project – read more in a special interview with LetsExchange

How does your project stand out from competition? Does it have any unique features? What value does it deliver?

Nano has several unique features that not only make it stand out in the cryptocurrency space, but also fit perfectly as a currency. Nano is built to be the most efficient currency in the world, fixing issues prevalent in both cryptocurrency and fiat currencies. This means as little waste as possible. Instead of adding more, nano goes for simplicity. Do one thing, and do it well. For nano, that is being a currency.

  • No time wasted – nano is the fastest currency in the world, with transactions confirmed in less than a second on average.
  • Nano stands out because it has no transaction fees. Send nano anywhere in the world, fee-free! 1 nano sent is 1 nano received.
  • Due to nano’s Open Representative Voting consensus mechanism, nano doesn’t rely on mining to reach a consensus and prevent double-spending. This makes nano highly energy efficient, and often mentioned as the most sustainable and energy-efficient cryptocurrency.

How can your solutions be applied to use real-world problems? What use cases does your product have?

Anywhere money is used, nano can do better. With the unique features of nano, allowing fee-free and instant transactions worldwide, nano can be used very well for many different use cases. One that immediately comes to mind is remittances. Remittances is a billion dollar industry and many traditional remittance systems have high fees and can take days to settle. Nano has the potential to be a real game changer in this industry, by being able to send money abroad in less than a second without any fee.

Another one is microtransactions/micropayments. Nano can be divided into very small bits as it has 30 decimals. Because nano is fee-free, the smallest transactions are possible allowing micropayments or micro rewards. For instance, a company called FynCom uses nano to reward people for each word they translate on CrowdIn. They also use nano to punish robocalls and spam, and to incentivise customer engagement. There is also a lot of potential for microtransactions with nano in the gaming industry.

The easy accessibility of nano also makes it possible for those that do not have access to banking infrastructure to interact with the global economy. The traditional banking system excludes many by having a high barrier to entry. In fact, 1.4 billion people in the world do not have access to banking infrastructure, either because they don’t have sufficient money to open a bank account or because they don’t have the necessary documentation. With nano, all that one needs is a phone and an internet connection!

Do you believe there are any real competitors to your project? How do you differ from them? What are your unique benefits?

We don't see currencies or companies as competitors per se, there are just many options out there and depending on what you want to achieve, one option might be better than the other. However, the goal of nano is to solve many of the issues of currencies, be it crypto or fiat currency. In the end, nano is an option for people to choose.

If people want to transact fee-free, globally, in less than a second, on a decentralized network using a currency that has a fixed supply and is highly efficient, then they have that option with nano. It's a great option for sending, receiving and storing value that is super easy to use. Especially in places where the local currency is losing value due to money printing, nano can be a great alternative because no one can increase the money supply.

Especially for those wanting to own their money and have self custody over it, nano is a great option since installing a non-custodial wallet and withdrawing your nano to it takes a matter of minutes! This is important in this time where trust in institutions such as banks is dwindling in many regions of the world. There is now an easy alternative to have control over your own money, digitally.

How do you see your project geographically? Where do you believe your main audience is located?

We focus on emerging economies with a high and increasing rate of mobile penetration but where banking infrastructure is difficult, sometimes even impossible, to access for people. Also where the risk of hyperinflation devaluing people’s savings and other issues are high. One such region is Nigeria. We have a very active community there, with people building apps, websites and businesses with nano and even accepting nano for food and drinks. But also Brazil, India, Uganda are countries where we’re seeing more and more adoption of nano and growing communities. It’s because people there see the potential for nano in their country and what nano can do to help people. An alternative to the status quo. Something that can be spent and accepted in the real world as well as the digital world.

Did you face any difficulties when working on the project? What were they?

Creating something new comes with many difficulties and challenges. Especially pioneering something that has never been done before. Creating a currency, spreading awareness of it, getting it in the hands of people and encouraging the use of it is all difficult to do while continuously trying to adapt to a changing regulatory landscape worldwide. Doing all that as a non-profit organization, with a small team and a limited budget, makes it all the more difficult. But we don’t step away from a challenge and we believe that, together with the amazingly talented and powerful nano community, we can push that adoption step by step over time. It’s amazing how much people are willing to do once they know and understand the potential of nano.

Additionally, the cryptocurrency space doesn’t always have the best public reputation especially when it comes to energy consumption and the speculation in the space. We try to distance ourselves a bit from that and show that nano is highly efficient and sustainable with little energy consumption, and that we want nano to be a currency that people use, a currency to be spent and accepted globally, and that even though the price of nano fluctuates depending on demand, being a speculative asset is not its purpose.

How did the project survive the crypto winter? Did it impact the project’s development?

We continue to build and develop, making the nano protocol as secure and efficient as possible. We keep growing awareness of nano around the globe and growing communities in regions where nano is most needed. For a large part, this crypto winter is more a winter for those that speculate on the price of cryptocurrency. We see it as a time to focus on development and where utility, which we focus on with nano, can thrive. Additionally, the nano community stays active, spreading more awareness around the globe and growing the nano ecosystem by building awesome new projects and businesses using nano.

A question to founders: was there anything that has inspired you to create this specific project?

The idea of a global currency without middlemen, which supply isn’t dependent on the decisions of one entity such as a government or company and is censorship resistant, is such an interesting and powerful idea. However, before nano existed, implementations that tried to achieve this had several problems. One of which is that there would be people trying to make profit from a network like this by asking for fees and block rewards, the high energy consumption, the centralisation over time and more. It was clear that the way cryptocurrencies were built was not sustainable long term and had certain participants profiting off of the network itself. New architecture was needed. And that’s how nano, formerly known as raiblocks, came into existence. A network without direct monetary rewards that lead to centralisation, without wasting energy, and without high barriers of entry or use. A currency that is just that, a currency. As efficient as possible. Do one thing and do it well.

Are there any funny stories that you can share with us? Something in the project development that makes readers remember you?

Instead of having an ICO, nano was initially given away for free through CAPTCHA faucets, those that ask you to click the images of traffic lights or cross walks, etc. Each time a captcha was solved, users would receive some nano. This meant that users anywhere in the world, regardless of their wealth, could get some nano. Because of this, nano was able to spread to many people in emerging economies. Some even earned more through the nano CAPTCHA faucets than they did with their day job. At some point, the amount of Google CAPTCHA’s being solved through the nano faucet was so high that Google even reached out to founder Colin LeMahieu saying they were taking up more than 11% of Google’s global Captcha traffic!

Better Spreads for Crypto Swaps on LetsExchange​

Frame 38359.png, a leading instant exchange platform for crypto-to-crypto and fiat-to-crypto swaps, has optimized its workflow with its liquidity providers. This improvement directly impacts the rates on the platform. Сustomers and partners using LetsExchange’s crypto processing can now benefit from better spreads. On average, the spreads on LetsExchange have reduced by 1%.

“We are committed to making cryptocurrency exchanges available to anyone, anywhere in the world. This improvement will allow more people worldwide to enjoy the benefits of cryptocurrencies. LetsExchange is continuously developing its service to offer our users and partners’ customers the most convenient trading conditions,” Alex J., LetsExchange’s CPO, stated.

This improvement and SmartRate technology make transactions on the LetsExchange platform even more beneficial. And we encourage users to take advantage of this opportunity. When a user fills in the data for a swap, our proprietary SmartRate technology picks the best rate among multiple liquidity providers. Thus users can count on the most profitable exchanges. Note the rates on different platforms differ very little. That's why this benefit becomes especially prominent when big sums are swapped.

LetsExchange is an industry-leading exchange platform, supporting over 2,300 crypto coins and tokens, the highest number of cryptocurrencies across the entire market, for seamless instant crypto-to-crypto swaps. The platform also offers high-quality B2B solutions for its partners and clients by enabling them to benefit from API, white-label crypto exchange software, referral links, and custom widget and button functionalities.
Let's change - change with us!

Our Company" is an online exchange created by a team with many years of experience in the field of currency exchange. We work with many popular payment systems and cryptocurrencies.
On our website, you will see a large number of in-demand directions with a good rate.
We have enough reserves in stock to make large exchanges.
We have created a convenient website with a pleasant interface, and the exchange is made in just a few clicks.

To make exchanges, registration is not required, but in this case, you lose the opportunity to receive bonuses.

Popular directions in which you can make an exchange
  • Bitcoin (BTC),
  • Ethereum (ETH),
  • USDT (trc20),
  • USDT (bep20),
  • DAI,
  • Monero (XMR),
  • Ripple (XRP),
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH),
  • Litecoin (LTC),
  • Sberbank,
  • Tinkoff,
  • QIWI,
  • YooMoney (Yandex.Money),
  • SBP,
  • Alfa-Bank,
  • VTB,
  • QR.
Why us?

  • Experience in exchange for 4 years. Our Localbitcoins account Akula_Locala, 50,000+ transactions, 100% reputation.
  • Rate in the top 10 by Bestchange.
  • No hidden fees.
  • Live and responsive support.

The site operates on the secure HTTPS protocol, so you don't have to worry about your personal data (full name, bank card numbers, mobile phone numbers, email).

Upon completion of the exchange, we can issue you an electronic check.
For special clients: individual tariff.
For regular clients: discounts and bonuses.


: what is the minimum exchange amount in rubles?
Answer: for cards => from 30,000 rubles, Qiwi and Yoomoney (YD) => from 500 rubles, QR => from 100,000 rubles.

Question: how long does it take to exchange from the moment the application is considered paid?
Answer: from 5 to 30 minutes during business hours.

Question: can I make an exchange for directions that are not on the site?
Answer: Yes, this is also possible. To do this, you need to write to our operator to clarify the desired direction.

Links and Operating Hours

Operating hours of the exchange office: from 10:00 to 23:00 every day.

Let's change! (Telegram support)
Let's change! - Cryptocurrency exchange (Website)
Email addresses: [email protected]

Official public channels:
Let's change! News (Telegram channel)

Do you want to exchange your coins at a favorable rate? Exchange with us!
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KURS.EXPERT - Listing!

We want to share some good news. Our exchange has been added to monitoring list! is a reliable cryptocurrency exchange rate monitoring service that helps users get the most favorable exchange conditions. Now Let's change! is also available on this platform.

Let's change! exchange offers fast and convenient cryptocurrency exchange at very favorable conditions. Users can exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, Litecoin, and other popular cryptocurrencies for Russian rubles from various banks and payment systems, as well as for other cryptocurrencies.

Best regards, Let's change!​

Best regards, Let's change!​
Exchanger has been added to our monitor BestChange.

We have analyzed information about the service’s work, its reputation, principles, and values of its administration and came to the conclusion that satisfies the criteria for a reliable partner and can be listed in BestChange, among other exchangers.

We sincerely hope for productive and long-term cooperation with this service. Despite the successful passing of all the checks, we will keep an eye on its reputation and the development of the client service.

We recommend you always check the review page After an exchange, please share your opinion about the provided service with others.
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DOPE token lands on LetsExchange​


LetsExchange, a go-to crypto exchange hub supporting over 4,500 cryptocurrencies, and Dopamine, a mobile app providing decentralized finance, have entered a strategic partnership.

In particular, LetsExchange has listed Dopamine’s token, DOPE, for trading on its platform. The crypto community can now swap DOPE for thousands of other coins and tokens on The DOPE token will also be available on other platforms and apps with crypto swap functionality powered by LetsExchange.

Using LetsExchange, users can swap DOPE at market and fixed rates. By selecting the former, users will benefit from the best rate among the 20+ liquidity providers integrated with LetsExchange, ensuring the most profitable rate when swapping the DOPE token for another crypto asset. Users who prefer to avoid market volatility can opt for a fixed rate, which guarantees the rate quoted at the beginning of a swap remains unchanged until its completion.
In its turn, Dopamine has integrated LetsExchange’s API. This way, users in the Dopamine ecosystem can enjoy expanded crypto swap functionality in the Dopamine app. As with all newly listed coins, LetsExchange will provide the DOPE team with comprehensive marketing support to increase the visibility of this digital asset and foster its adoption.

Alex J., Chief Product Officer (CPO) at LetsExchange, commented: “We are certain that many of our customers will also welcome the listing of the DOPE token, which expands the options for profitable trades and investments. Likewise, we are positive that Dopamine users will appreciate swap functionality, powered by LetsExchange.”
Dopamine is a non-custodial, secure, and anonymous cryptocurrency mobile app wallet. Furthermore, it offers a variety of features that help any user navigate the cryptocurrency market. The DOPE token is the native token of the Dopamine App. Holding this utility token enables users to access premium features within the app. For businesses, the Dopamine token serves as a license to power innovation.

LetsExchange is an industry-leading exchange platform that supports over 4,500 coins and tokens, the biggest number of assets in the market. Along with crypto-to-crypto swaps, users can benefit from DEX and on-ramp/off-ramp functionalities. LetsExchange’s partners can integrate crypto-to-crypto swap functionality through API. DEX and Buy/Sell functionalities are also available through adjustable exchange widgets and Telegram bots.

The ICE token is now listed on LetsExchange​


ICE, the dynamic token driving the Ice Open Network (ION) ecosystem, is now available for trading on LetsExchange, a go-to crypto exchange hub supporting over 4,500 cryptocurrencies.

The crypto community can now swap ICE through the exchange widget on the LetsExchange website and partners’ platforms using ready-made crypto exchange solutions powered by LetsExchange. When swapping ICE using LetsExchange functionality, users can choose between a market and a fixed rate. The first one allows the exchange rate for a swap to follow market fluctuations, which might benefit the user and lead to slippage in some cases. LetsExchange automatically selects the best exchange rate among 20+ liquidity providers integrated with its platform to provide the best conditions for users choosing this option. Users selecting a fixed rate can avoid slippage, representing a helpful feature in the volatile crypto market.

To contribute to fostering the visibility and adoption of the ICE token, LetsExchange and the ION team are planning joint co-marketing activities, including an ask-me-anything (AMA) session and an interview with members of the ION team. LetsExchange and Ice Network will announce these events on their social media channels.

Alex J., Chief Product Officer (CPO) at LetsExchange, commented: “We are thrilled to announce the listing of the ICE token on our platform. We are certain that many users will welcome this investment and trading opportunity. We hope this listing opens the door for further collaboration with the Ice Open Network team.”

Ice Open Network (ION) is a Layer-1 blockchain engineered for high performance, facilitating fast, scalable, and unrestricted digital interactions, ensuring user freedoms and robust network integrity. Ice Open Network is also building a dynamic ecosystem for seamless decentralized application (dApp) development, with a platform designed to be censorship-resistant, empowering individuals worldwide to create applications that prioritize user privacy and autonomy. The ICE token powers the ION ecosystem and can be mined through a groundbreaking tap-to-mine app launched in July 2023.

LetsExchange is an industry-leading exchange platform that supports over 4,500 coins and tokens, the biggest number of assets in the market. Along with crypto-to-crypto swaps, users can benefit from DEX and on-ramp/off-ramp functionalities. LetsExchange’s partners can integrate crypto-to-crypto swap functionality through API. DEX and Buy/Sell functionalities are also available through adjustable exchange widgets and Telegram bots.

LetsExchange has integrated TUSD


LetsExchange, the one-stop crypto exchange hub, has integrated TrueUSD (TUSD), a leading USD-pegged stablecoin, into its swapping ecosystem. As for now, users can exchange TUSD in ERC20, BEP20, and TRC20 standards for over 4,500 crypto assets across more than 300 blockchains on Cross-chain swaps, e.g., TUSD-BEP20 to TUSD-TRC20, are available, too.

Numerous apps and services that use LetsExchange’s crypto processing functionality can also offer their users trading pairs with TUSD.
Additionally, the TUSD team is investigating the range of B2B solutions provided by LetsExchange, which are designed to offer communities of various coins and tokens convenient cryptocurrency exchange tools. These solutions encompass API, customizable exchange widgets, and a tailored Telegram bot.
Alex J, Chief Product Officer at LetsExchange, commented on the partnership: “We are excited to collaborate with TrueUSD, a project at the forefront of financial innovation. The integration of TUSD into our platform empowers our users with even more flexibility and stability for their trading activities.”

Yvonne Chia, Head of Communication at TUSD, agrees with the significance of the partnership: “Ensuring accessibility has been a cornerstone of TUSD's mission from the outset. With our listing on over 80 exchanges and DeFi protocols, we consistently aim to make TUSD widely available. Our collaboration with LetsExchange offers our users a remarkable range of tokens and flexibility, and we are thrilled about the possibilities this partnership holds for our community."

TrueUSD is renowned for its commitment to transparency and security in the stablecoin arena. As the first USD-pegged stablecoin with live on-chain attestations, TUSD provides a reliable and trustworthy stablecoin for transactions and hedging against market volatility. TUSD further enhances its transparency and reliability through Chainlink’s Proof of Reserve technology and MooreHK’s daily attestation services. The stablecoin is natively deployed on multiple networks, including Ethereum, TRON, Avalanche, and BNB Smart Chain, and is bridged across several others, ensuring widespread accessibility and liquidity.

LetsExchange is a go-to crypto exchange hub recognized for supporting the largest number of crypto assets in the market. The platform allows for secure and reliable crypto exchanges at favorable rates across more than 4,500 crypto assets on over 300 blockchains. With various services, such as buying & selling cryptocurrencies for over 60 fiat currencies, DEX, Telegram bot for crypto swaps, and lucrative affiliate programs, LetsExchange stands out as a versatile and comprehensive solution for crypto enthusiasts worldwide.
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