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  1. Yahoo News

    Bitcoin Stable Above $64K While ETF Outflows Hit $200M

    26.04.2024 - Bitcoin {{BTC}} is trading above $64K in the early afternoon of East Asia’s trading day, even as outflows from bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) pick up significantly. Market data shows that the U.S.-listed ETFs had a daily total net outflow of $217 million. This brings the total...
  2. M

    Crypto Analysis Tools for analysis

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  3. Yahoo News

    Adjusted For Inflation, Bitcoin Hasn’t Topped Its All Time High

    Bitcoin’s {{BTC}} all-time high of $69,325 has not been hedged for inflation — a dint in the idea that this “digital gold” is a successful store-of-value. When measuring inflation, bitcoin, despite its notable rally in recent months, is still technically worth less than it was at its previous...
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    Earn Free coins with EarnBitMoon. Faucet Earn coins from faucet. Earn up to 20 000 coins each 5 minutes. ShortLinks Earn for watching shortlinks. DAILY BONUS Login every day to claim FREE Coins! Daily Bonus is growing with 1 Coin each day you claim it (up to 30 Coins), as long as you're active...
  5. HarizManaf

    Crypto Chat, News BTC PUKUL NAIK

    At time of this writing, btc tgh otw untuk pukul naik ketahap $60k pada nov 2021. Dengan isu2 semasa seperti skandal ftx, pelancaran etf dan bitcoin halving, produk2 pelaburan konvsnsional menjadi semakin rumit dan abstrak. Tambahan pula, normalisasi Ai juga menyumbang kepada situasi semasa...
  6. Yahoo News

    Crypto ETFs Now Own 3.5% Of All Bitcoins In Existence After '10 Years Of Pent-Up Demand'

    14.02.2024 - Spot bitcoin ETFs own a combined 692,939 bitcoins, representing 3.5% of all bitcoin currently in existence. The launch of spot bitcoin ETFs last month opened the floodgates for Main Street investors to conveniently purchase bitcoin through their existing brokerage accounts. The...
  7. Yahoo News

    Bitcoin Weathers Global Market Slump Sparked by Inflation Jump

    14.02.2024 - Bitcoin rode out a surprisingly strong US inflation print that roiled global markets by dimming hopes for rapid interest-rate reductions. The digital asset traded at $49,500 as of 10:21 a.m. Wednesday in Singapore, near the highest level in over two years and little changed since...
  8. Yahoo News

    Bitcoin ETF Buyers Appear to be Chasing Rally, Correlation Data Suggests

    14.02.2024 - (Bloomberg) -- FOMO - fear of missing out - on Bitcoin’s recent rally appears to be helping to drive demand for the batch of exchange-traded funds approved last month to directly hold the cryptocurrency. The nine new funds that were authorized have seen some of the highest daily...
  9. Yahoo News

    How To Cash Out Your Crypto Or Bitcoin

    Cryptocurrencies rebounded sharply in 2023, leaving some traders with solid gains. Though prices are still down from all-time highs reached in late 2021, crypto holders may be looking for ways to cash in on current market enthusiasm and there are plenty of ways to convert your crypto into cash...
  10. Yahoo News

    Spot Bitcoin ETF Flows Hit $8.6B Amid Crypto Surge

    10.02.2024 - Net inflows to spot bitcoin ETFs headed toward $9 billion on Thursday amid a price surge in the cryptocurrency. Inflows hit $405 million for the day, the third largest total since the SEC approved the new products in early January, according to Bloomberg data. Grayscale’s Bitcoin...
  11. elibraX

    CEX Libra Exchange (SV) LLC Launches elibraX Crypto Exchange provides crypto exchange services, allowing users to swap electronic currency and cryptocurrency with ease. Libra Exchange (SV) LLC, a Caribbean company authorised by the Financial Service Authority (FSA) for swapping electronic currency and cryptocurrency, has launched its own...
  12. Yahoo News

    Bitcoin Floats Above $43K As 'Buy The Dip' Sentiment Prevails

    05.02,2024 - Bitcoin {{BTC}} prices inched above $43,000 in European afternoon hours on Monday after a relatively flat weekend, showcasing a recent pattern of low volatility ahead of the U.S. trading hours. Chainlink’s LINK was among the only gainers among majors with a 7% jump in the past 24...
  13. Yahoo News

    3 Stocks to Watch as Approval of Crypto ETF Applications Looms

    As of Dec 27, the price of bitcoin (BTC) has gained 155.2% year to date after collapsing in November 2022 following the fall of FTX, the exchange founded by Sam Bankman-Fried. Ethereum (ETH) is up 86.1% in the same period. The crypto recovery in 2023 has been led by the possibility that the...
  14. M

    DEX - cryptocurrency exchange service

    Cryptocurrency exchange with MoneyMate MoneyMate is a cryptocurrency exchange service. We work with many popular banks and cryptocurrencies. We always try to provide the best rate for our customers. We will exchange any amount. Our site will please you with a convenient and clear interface, the...
  15. BuycoinOnline

    To Sell cryptocurrency exchange at the best rates!

    You can buy Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT) or another cryptocurrency in just two clicks. We work 24/7 Requests are processed automatically. Processing time is a few minutes. With us, you get: - Profitable courses The most profitable course of world cryptocurrency exchanges. -...
  16. C

    Bernstein Jangka Bitcoin Akan Mencecah $150,000 Menjelang Pertengahan 2025

    Penganalisis Bernstein memulakan liputan penyelidikan mengenai sektor perlombongan Bitcoin, dengan keadaan menaik mengenai syarikat Riot Platforms (NASDAQ:RIOT), CleanSpark (NASDAQ:CLSK) dan Marathon Digital Holdings Inc (NASDAQ:MARA) setelah firma tersebut membuat penyelidikan semenjak awal...
  17. sellver

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    We welcome all forum participants! is a modern multi-currency exchange service that allows you to exchange cryptocurrency and electronic money. With the help of the cryptocurrency exchanger, you can quickly buy or sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at a favorable...
  18. B

    DEX Basex One -

    I'm excited to share the news of the launch of our new cryptocurrency exchange service - Here's a brief overview of what sets us apart: 1. Multiple Cryptocurrency Support. We offer an extensive list of popular coins and tokens. 2. Cross-direction Trades. Every coin we offer can be...
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    DEX - Reliable сryptocurrency exchange!

    Welcome! You are greeted by CrystalTrade, a cryptocurrency exchange service. Here, you can make cryptocurrency exchanges in multiple directions. Our exchange operates in a semi-automatic mode 24/7. Our team continuously monitors and compares competitor offers, providing some of the best rates...
  20. norarsyad

    BTC Mining-Bot X Telegram Bot

    Assalamualaikum & Salam Sejahtera Tuan/Puan, Disini saya ingin kongsikan satu projek yang dimulakan oleh SAMVPN untuk menjana pendapatan pasif melalui aktiviti melombong Bitcoin. Sistem yang dibangunkan menggunakan platform melalui bot Telegram. Projek ini baru diluncurkan pada awal bulan ini...
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