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handphone oppo

  1. K

    To Sell OPPO FIND 7

    9.5/10 condition.. very good condition.. very stabil on the android on the battery everything.. never get hot or hang or jammed.. camera + speaker + Lcd in very good performance+shaped+original.. no crack.. phone only not inc charger.. very good for gamers.. since it has 3gb ram and 32gb store...
  2. C

    (Q & A) Oppo 7

    Assalamualaikum dan Salam Sejahtera...ada sapa-sapa yang dah beli Oppo 7. tak....Mohon pandangan ...:D
  3. stuck

    To Sell HP Secondhand iPhone 5 SE hingga 11 Pro Max dan Android Pelbagai Jenama

    Salam warga CG, Serius buyer blh sms/whatsapp trs utk gambarnya dan colour ikut model yang masih ada stok sebab x dapat nak upload byk: 012-2758544. READY STOK SECONDHAND: 5SE 128GB SILVER - RM470 6S 64GB GREY/GOLD/ROSEGOLD - RM590 6S 128GB GREY/GOLD/ROSEGOLD - RM630 6S PLUS 32/64GB...
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