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general weight loss

diet products that people of being replaced their sugary beverages and foods with so realized that he claims made on the front of the label like sugar-free diet light healthy choice they are there for marketing purposes only but you're smarter want these marketing people so you actually want to look at the box up this new what you'll see oftentimes is a really long ingredient list look like this one and recognized when you see that really long ingredient list you are about to eat toxic sludge and whether or not you really care about being healthy but they all you care about is losing weight realize that the Pasig sludge still isnt going to help Safer Colon you these products also contain artificial sweeteners like of pertain actually all three of these products right here all three contain aspartame I'm a NASCARteam is known to have toxic effects and it also contributes to blood sugar metabolism issues and in general is not going to help you lose weight so sometimes people ask me cleanup how do you raised a host is processed foods are super convenient theyre super cheap when I tell them well kind of like asking how I was just talk 6 sludge.


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