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Apr 11, 2008
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It’s about you

Personal Account Managers
Even though we provide an online platform, we understand that there is no substitute for personal service. Your Account Service Manager works closely with you over the phone, email and our advanced online Chat system. And you can visit your regional office to meet in person. The dealing room services are also offered to you by our expert Forex dealers.

Live training, one-on-one help with first steps in online trading
Easy-Forex® offers background information about the Forex market, a Guided-Tour, seminars, one-on-one training, Chat, telephone and technical support. You are never left alone to trade without help, if you need it. Your Account Service Manager will guide you live, in your first trading steps, to help you get acquainted with the Easy-Forex® system, and will answer your technical questions. Easy-Forex® published a comprehensive introductory guide to trading in Forex and you can download it for free here.

Trading with us is easy

No software download
The innovative technology of the Easy-Forex® Trading Platform means no software download is required, you can trade in real-time online. This means you may login to your account and trade anytime, from anywhere.

Instant deposit with Credit Card
Easy-Forex® was one of the first Forex platforms to allow you to fund your account with your credit card. This allows you to start trading, regardless of banking work days or hours. You can change margins or withdraw profits anytime day or night. Easy-Forex® cares about protecting your credit card security as well as protecting your privacy to the highest standards. To achieve this we use the latest technologies and comply with all relevant regulations. Read more about Software Security.

Margin trading with low minimum deposit
The Easy-Forex® system enables you to trade with small amounts. Starting to trade with small amounts is the best way to get acquainted with the Forex marketplace. After getting familiar with the system, you may increase your level and scope of activity, as you see fit. Go to Accounts and Spreads to see which account type is suitable for your trading needs.

Simple and quick registration procedure
Registering on the Easy-Forex® platform is quick and easy. You can use your credit card to deposit the margin required for trading, and start trading almost immediately. Please note that due to security measures, aimed to protect you, the Forex trader, the scope of deals on the first week of new users trading with Easy-Forex® is limited. Such restrictions will be removed after one of our team makes phone contact with you and after you have submitted the required documentation as per our KYC (Know Your Client) procedures.

Helping you manage your risk

Rates, Limits and Stop-Loss
Easy-Forex® executes your set rates, including Stop-Loss and Take-Profit rates, by using the latest technologies. We are committed to the principle that you should not lose more than your Stop-Loss amount at risk, as defined by you. Please see our terms and conditions.

As well, per your pre-set Take-Profit rate (if you choose to set such rate) your deal will be automatically closed, exactly on your pre-defined rate. Needless to say that you can change those pre-defined rates, Stop-Loss as well as Take-Profit, at any time while your deal is open.

It is highly important that you know that, due to the nature of the Forex global market, 100% guarantee on pre-set rates is impossible. This may occur under highly volatile market conditions, where other parties to the Forex trade (e.g. the trader, the platform, the liquidity provider, etc.) are unable to execute specific rates, or specific rate range, due to conditions that are beyond their control.

Simply put: Easy-Forex® makes any and all efforts to guarantee the rates, when it is able to do so, unless market conditions prevent delivering the rate selected.

The transaction of Forex instruments can contain a substantial degree of risk. During times of high market volatility, orders may be difficult or even impossible to execute. Read full disclosure.

Tools to help you trade smarter
We believe education and information are what make you a better trader. The Easy-Forex® platform has a number of technical tools and charts to assist you in your trading. We keep you up-to-date with the market with live real-time quotes and live data feeds from Reuters.


No hidden costs
Our transparent system assures you that with Easy-Forex® you pay no commissions for the deals you make (see Trading Features). Easy-Forex® acts as a market maker, and makes its earnings from the spreads that are embedded in the currency rates. In the "Day trading" zone you may roll over your positions to the next day, and then you pay a small renewal fee. Please see our terms and conditions. Also, you are not charged for profit withdrawals or deposits.

Full transparency

At the click of a button you can generate detailed reports, as well as track all transactions performed in your Forex account. You may check the value of your position at any time, as well as see historical data (transactions and deals). In addition, you may generate ‘scenarios’ (‘what-if’) with possible rates to test your position to see if you will lose or gain.


Full control with online access, hands-on moneys invested
You can control your Forex account from anywhere on the globe, from any computer connected to the internet, at anytime. In case of technical difficulties - relating to old versions of PC hardware or software - please read our Technical support section (linked at the bottom of our homepage).

Visual Trading
Easy-Forex® has developed a number of unique features that make online trading even easier and more transparent. The Trade Controller™ is the ultimate visual trading tool. It gives you a clear and complete picture of all profit/loss scenarios. The Inside Viewer™ allows you to see what all our traders are trading. You can see the popularity of a currency pair, the deal direction and structure of an open deal. Another useful feature is the Trade Simulator - this allows you to open and close some deals using virtual money but in a real, live trading environment. This is a great way to try out the platform if you are new to it, or to try out some trading strategies without using your own funds.

Freeze the Rate you see and trade Forex online
Only available on the Easy-Forex® platform, the Freeze Rate feature gives you the opportunity to ‘lock in ’ the Buy or the Sell rate that you see for a few seconds, irrespective of rate movements. This means that the rate you see and 'freeze' is the rate you get (if indeed you decide to make the deal). During those freeze seconds, the Forex market could change. If the rate moves in a direction that it will be in your favor to open (or close) the deal we will attempt to execute your deal at the better freeze rate offered to you*. However, if during your freeze seconds the rate moves in a direction that is better for you then we will attempt to execute your deal at the improved rate.
*Please note that guaranteeing the rate per the above methods is subject to limitations. Market volatility may case market movements between the time your request for a deal to be executed and the time your order reaches our system. This may result in Easy-Forex® not being able to fulfill your order.

Keeping you informed
The Forex market is essentially speculative, it's not always about what has happened but about what other traders think is going to happen. Staying up-to-date with Forex news can be crucial to your trading decisions. Easy-Forex® has daily outlooks, technical analysis, SMS alerts and many more ways of keeping you informed. Our dedicated Forex News and Videos center broadcasts live announcements as they happen.

Flexible and competitive

Selection of account types
Various account types are offered to suit your level of trading. See Account Types. Frequent traders should ask about becoming a client of our Dealing Room and getting access to the VIP Services.


Security and safety
Easy-Forex® treats the issues of data security, privacy, integrity and backup with the utmost attention and care. This is achieved through:

Ensuring authorized access only, Easy-Forex® uses two layers of top class firewall: one at the server level and one at the application level.
For user authentication and data transfer Easy-Forex® uses an advanced SSL by Verisign.
Separating the application servers (the servers that handle our clients' online activity) from the transaction information - they are stored on different data servers.
For data recovery, integrity and replication Easy-Forex® uses two different server farms, physically located away from each other. Data has to be synchronized in both locations, thus cannot be tampered with. All the information on the servers is stored encrypted.
The physical security of each server farm is very high. Armed guards are situated 24 hours a day, and access to the premises is strictly forbidden except for authorized personnel.
We make sure that whatever happens: failure, disaster, etc. your transactions are intact, secure, and backed up. For more read Software Security.


Business partners and reputation
Easy-Forex® works with several organizations, of the highest reputation in their fields. We are proud to join forces with the best and lead the market with high credibility and professionalism. To name just a few, Easy-Forex® works closely with Reuters, our major online data provider; with Verisign, for data and transaction security; with PWC, our external auditors; and others.

Risk Warning:
please note that Forex trading (OTC Trading) involves substantial risk of loss, and may not be suitable for everyone.

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