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Nov 10, 2019
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Start: January, 3 2020


Watford LLC is a holding company which consists of completely different targeted companies. It both controls and is the parent company for such corporations as «Goldminebmd» gold mining company, «Nmwenergy» alternative energy producer and distributor as well as «EDV-Recycling» waste recycling and collection company, and finally «Marijuana-diet» pharmaceutical and cosmetology product development and sales company, which products are based on cannabis.

It’s worth noting, the business industries coverage range at Watford is quite extensive and diverse, and each of these companies, controlled by Richard Watford and his team, went through a new development stage and received a new promotion vector.

All Watford LLC subsidiaries have become leading players in their industry due to the current developed business model, as well as competent management and sustainable development. The controlling share in each of these companies belongs to Watford LLC. So, it sets the most effective rate for each corporation being controlled.

Watford LLC has become one of the most successful joint-stock companies, able to ensure the investors’ reliability and safety and create a favorable atmosphere for investments and protect the investors’ and shareholders’ funds by carefully monitoring each company’s statistics, analyzing their financial flows and monitoring all products and production process.

It’s a commonly known fact that success is the right decisions result. The right decisions are the experience result. And experience is the wrong decisions result. The life is structured such a way. Richard Watford, the company’s founder, was exactly the person who gained all his experience in trial and error result. But checking the wrong decisions is the success part, therefore, it’s impossible to throw it away and get what you want instantly. That’s why our commercial organizations structure has got one of the extremely important benefits - invaluable experience and we are ready to share it with everyone.
Investment Plans:

(1) NMWEnergy:Buy 1 package (10 shares), which equals to 122.03 dollars currently, earn 7.2 dollars per week, namely 5.90% weekly profit
(2) GoldmineBMD:Buy 1 package (10 shares), which equals to 119.13 dollars currently, earn 7.18 dollars per week, namely 6.02% weekly profit
(3) EDVRecycling:Buy 1 package (10 shares), which equals to 124.51 dollars currently, earn 7.5 dollars per week, namely 6.02% weekly profit
(4) MarijuanaDiet:Buy 1 package (10 shares), which equals to 120.00 dollars currently, earn 7.2 dollars per week, namely 6.00% weekly profit

These are the four investment plans provides for investors. You can buy unlimited packages as you want.
Apackage is locked for one year, after one year you can sell the package at any time or you can also keep it for weekly profit as before.

Min/Max deposit:
120$ / unlimited

Referral: provides 2 types of referral rewards: one-time share remuneration and weekly shareholders remuneration.

You can get bonus points from 10 level investors, each level is 5% of the share amounts purchased.
For example, if your referrals invest $100, then you will earn 5 bonus points. You can’t withdraw bonus points because they are used to buy Premium stock packages.
Once you have 2500 bonus points on your account, you can use them to buy Premium stock packages.
For premium stock package, your initial deposit is only locked for 30 days, that is to say, you can withdraw initial deposits anytime after 30 days.

This bonus is also for 10 levels.
You can earn 8%-5%-3%-3%-3%-2%-2%-2%-1%-1% commissions from your 10 level investors.
For example, if your first level investors buy $100 shares, then he/she can earn $6 according to currently profit data, so you can earn 6*8%=0.48 dollars each week from his/her profit.

Payment systems:
Bitcoin , Ethereum , Perfectmoney , PAYEER

Withdrawal Mode:
Your withdrawal requests will be processed instantly into personal wallets.
Minimum withdrawal amount is 1 dollar.
The default fee for withdrawal is 10%, but you can lower it to be 0.5%.
First step, you need verify your account with personal photo and identity document, after this step, your fee will be lowered to 1.5%;
Second step, replenish 1 dollars with your payment options, for example, if you deposit with BTC, then just replenish 1 dollar through BTC, now your fee will be lowered to 0.5%.

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Creation Date: Tuesday, July 30, 2019
Registry Expiry Date: Sunday, July 30, 2023

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