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Jan 20, 2010
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How to create video web gallery is very fast?

Probably this information will be interesting for somebody.

Our company organizes creation of WEB galleries. Mainly it is simple enough to create a gallery: there is a video clip and it is split into 10 seconds clips at the same time a small graphic file (Thumbnail) is created for each clip. Everything is easy, but when it is necessary to create hundreds of galleries per day, and it could be better if they have good quality, it becomes hard to perform that without using special program.

Before now to solve this task we used VideoCharge application. Probably some of you have heard about it. The process was similar to one described above: a video file was splitting into several small clips and small graphic files were created for each of them. VideoCharge could do all these steps by one run of generation. It was also possible to add watermarks and run processing from BAT file. After that the user had to select more qualitative files from hundreds of created ones and form a gallery.

In principal, it is enough. But some time ago a new application, VideoCharge Studio, was released. This program is continuing with VideoCharge. VideoCharge Studio creates more qualitative video, but the main thing is it includes an editor that allows users to select and cut the best Thumbnails from whole video file and delete unnecessary fragments. I want to sure you that usage of VideoCharge Studio provides a twofold decrease of resources for galleries creation. Now instead to create hundreds of files (when most of them are unnecessary) only several necessary files will be cut off. Accordingly it will take less time to create a gallery than it was. On top of that VideoCharge Studio has all the rest features: watermarks, filters for image correction, command line and others.

I’d like to recommend you to try this application. In case of any questions, please, write me and I will do all my best to help you.
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