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they take five steps backward.


Oct 15, 2010
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We Should Listen to Mike Tice
It's time that we listen to Minnesota Vikings Head Coach Mike Tice and take him at his word. He asked us early in the season to reserve judgment until the end of the year. He told us that if he failed then it was on his shoulders.When Tice took over as head coach three years ago we were all led to believe that he had all the ingredients necessary to do well.
Mike Tice's Vikings aren't any better today then they were three years ago. Mike Tice has made the playoffs one time and that was last year. Mike Tice has a combined win/loss record of 31-33.
It seems as though every time Tice's team takes a step forward, they take five steps backward.
So we should take Tice at his word. We must listen to him and hold him accountable for his actions. Mike has failed once again and I don't feel that there are any reasons that he should be given another chance.
If Tice had the character and could instill values into his players then I might have a different opinion. His team had off the field scandals from Onterio Smith's Whizzinator incident to the Viking's Boat scandal.Then there was Tice's scalping incident. Mike Tice scalped Super Bowl tickets and was caught. The NFL fined him $100,000. Tice blew the incident off and considered it a minor infraction. Very few people are fined as much as $100,000 for a first time offense. Obviously the NFL considered his actions to be serious enough to warrant such a stiff penalty.
Mike Tice says that he shouldn't be held accountable for his player's actions. This is nonsense.I don't think that his players respect him. How can he command any respect when he broke an NFL rule?How can he demand that his players respect rules and laws. How can he demand that they conduct themselves in a respectful manner on and off the field?
The answer is that Mike Tice can't command respect and he can't demand that his player's follow the rules. There are a number of coaches in the NFL that demand more from their players on and off the field. These coaches won't put up with the type of behavior that was exhibited by Vikings players this year.
Mike Tice also has a big mouth and has been known to yell at fans and call them ****** when he disagrees with their criticism.
I just can't see any logical reason why Mike Tice should keep his job. I do feel that people should do their best to keep their word and when they ask us to judge them based on the results of their actions, we should listen to them.
Mike Tice asked us to judge him based on his success or failure with the Vikings this season. He asked us to wait until the end of the season to judge him.With Sunday's loss to the Baltimore Ravens, the Vikings season ended in failure. The Vikings will not be playing in the playoffs.
I hope that Vikings ownership doesn't give him too much credit for his winning streak. That winning streak came against some of the worst teams in the NFL. When his team faced tough opponents they stunk up the field.
It's definitely time for the Vikings to start a new era with a new coach.****/bbs/boke.asp?sanybs51.showtopic.36130.html
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