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May 22, 2020
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Project start - 05/13/13
Status - Pays
Domestic Currency - Theta = $ 1
Minimum deposit - $ 0.5
Russian language
The essence of the project is mutual financing of participants
Investor Interest - Profitability from 16% depending on the chosen plan
Accepts - Payyer, Perfect Money, Nixmoney
Conclusion - Payyer, Perfect Money, Nixmoney
Bonus - Details are described in the section "Bonuses for beginners"
Payments - manual (during the day)
The system of bonuses and contests - is
Affiliate program - from the contribution of 8 levels 10% / 2% / 0.5% / 03% / 0.2% / 0.1% / 0.1% / 0.1%
Minimum withdrawal - 0.1 $
Refback - 5% for my partners

Superkopilka Marketing

SuperKopilka is a mutual assistance cash desk and all the money that is in the project is the contributions of the participants. After entering the community account, funds are redistributed to payments to those participants who have reached the payment time according to the general Payment Schedule. A certain part of the funds (not more than 10%) for supporting the life of the project is also withheld.
The project does not have any legends about investing, businesses or games on the exchanges. Funds for the payment of returns on programs are carried out at the expense of participants' contributions.
Marketing SuperKopilki designed for the participant to be proactive, continue to weekly create programs to maintain their indicator of activity (Karma). Even those participants who have long reached a breakeven and receive passive income must engage in their Personal Accounts (LK) and timely prepare for monthly checks of the level of activity (adaptations). At the time of adaptation, the Karma of the participant must be at least 100%.
Adaptations are carried out every 4 weeks. They can be called test days, in which the activity of participants for the elapsed time from the previous such test is determined. If the participant did not show activity, did not support the project, then his programs will be shifted in the payment schedule. He will be able to get them, but a little later and on condition that he will support the project.

Investment programs

In addition to the usual deposits, there are 2 more types of investment programs in SuperKopilka. Before making contributions, we recommend that you learn more about each type of program, as well as determine your strategy for participating in the project.

Accumulation program - Goals

These programs allow you to accumulate a significant amount of the contribution body in small installments throughout the entire term of work. Upon completion of the program, the participant receives the entire accumulated amount, together with the% yield, which were specified when creating the program. The goals are convenient in that they do not require you to pay the full amount at once. The duration of the program and the amount of the weekly contribution are chosen by the participant on their own.

Multiplication Program - Deposits

Familiar to many kind of programs to increase personal savings. The entire amount of the deposit is made once at the time of creation of the program. The payment, including the contribution, and the profit corresponding to the profitability of the program, are received on the balance of the participant at the end of the program. The duration of the program and the amount of the contribution the participant chooses on their own.

Passive income program - Rentier

Allows you to receive weekly payments in equal installments throughout the program. The entire amount of the contribution is made at the time of creation of the program. The deposit amount with interest returns is paid to the participant’s balance by weekly payments.

Registration link: (5% bonus on deposit)[/QUOTE]


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