Wanted Suggestion for Gamblers like me lol, based on my true experience

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Dec 13, 2019
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Hi, I’m back! This is not ads, based on my true feeling. Last time, I get scammed from club168, it’s about RM1k, made me can’t believe the online casino anymore. But I heard from my friend, he saw the ads from SMS, so he tried to play few rounds, he won the money, and the most important thing is he can take back the money around RM2k , so he quickly introduced me this website - www.god55.com and always tell me this is more reliable. Then I registered a new account, and after 5 minutes, I received a call from the customer support, the lady talked very gentle, and her voice was so sweet(I’m not sure my friend told me I were so lucky to receive a call from the lady, last time he were talking with a man, haha) Then she told me, the promotions, the trending games, and some user guides. I asked her to send me the details, and I have to work until tomorrow only have free time. So the next day I login again, and top up RM100 and I got another RM100 for extra, it’s so convenient for me, I can straight away to use online banking to top up, not like last time, I have to login to bank site, and fill in the information and so on, very troublesome. Then, I went to play the Slot Machine, I’m not joking, around 20 minutes, I won RM1k++, so I quickly requested the withdrawal and contacted the customer support, and I received my prize after 5 minutes, so cool! I wrote this it’s because I wish the players like me, who like to gamble, but hopefully the platform is steady enough, if not we lose, and we pay, if we win, but we can’t get the prize, how terrible!




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