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Nov 17, 2009
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Name: Roboto Trade Ltd


Start: Feb 23rd, 2024

Features: Strong DDoS protection | SSL encryption | Licensed GC script | Dedicated server/IP | Unique design | Registered company

About Program:
At Roboto Trade, we're revolutionizing the investment world by merging cutting-edge AI technology with the fast-paced realms of forex and cryptocurrency markets. Our mission is simple yet ambitious: to empower investors to thrive in these dynamic markets by allowing them to share in our profits.

Our Unique Approach:

Our journey began with a deep-seated belief that technology can significantly enhance how investments are made and managed. We recognized that the forex and cryptocurrency markets, notorious for their volatility and complexity, were ripe for disruption. This recognition led to the birth of the Roboto Trade. Our sophisticated AI technology sets us apart and serves as the backbone of our operations. Our AI algorithms analyze vast volumes of market data, identify trends, assess risk factors, and execute trades with remarkable Precision and speed. The result? We are excited to share consistent and sustainable profits with our investors.

Shared Profits, Shared Success:

At Roboto Trade, we're not just another investment platform. We're a community of like-minded individuals who believe in the power of innovation, technology, and collective success. When you invest with us, you're not merely handing over your hard-earned money; you're becoming a part of our journey towards financial prosperity. Our unique profit-sharing model is at the heart of what we do. Unlike traditional investment firms, we believe in a more equitable approach, where fees and commissions often eat into your returns. We only profit when you profit. We share some gains with our investors, aligning our interests and creating a true partnership for success.

Investment Plans: 105% after 1 day | 118% after 3 days | 174% after 5 days | 208% after 8 days | 366% after 12 days | 755% after 18 days
Principal Return: Included in %
Charging: Calendar days

Minimal Spend: $25
Maximal Spend: $250,000
Referral: 8%, 3%, 2%, 1%*
Withdrawal: Manual
Minimum Withdrawal: $3

Payment systems: Tether ERC20 | Tether TRC20 | Tether BEP20 | BNB.BSC | BUSD | Bitcoin | Bitcoin Cash | Litecoin | Ethereum | Dogecoin | Dash | Tron | Ripple | Stellar


2024-02-26 01:03:06
200 Tether USD

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