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Risk Your Life 2 Vengeance Soft Cap


Jul 2, 2013
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Risk Your Life 2 Vengeance

Brand New RYL2 Soft Cap Private Server 2013 / Server RYL2 soft cap terbaru 2013
Join Us Now/ Sertai kami Sekarang

Ryl Version :RYL2
Patch : V3.005
Server Info : SoftCap
Exp Rate : High
Drop Rate : High
Server Host :USA

Website :
Register : (Please use google chrome or RockMelt)
Client & Patch :
Group :
Contact Admin :
Facebook Page :

» Simple and fun server / Server yang ringkas dan menyeronokkan.

» New server (Launch on May 11th, 2013) / Server baru di buka pada 11 May 2013

» Modified Soft Cap Server (No black smith combine/stat transfer

available) / Soft cap server yang telah diubahsuai (Tiada black smith


» Upgradeable Jewelry up to level 100 / Ring & Neck boleh di naik taraf sehingga level 100

» High Drop rate and high EXP rate / Drop rate dan exp rate yang tinggi

» FREE Necklace of Heroes when your fame bar changed (able to obtain by

quest) / PERCUMA Necklace of Heroes bila fame anda berubah bentuk (boleh

didapati melalui quest)
» Find top item in server (grade A)

and then upgrade until +10, add gem and use spens,mit,yit,tob or rotale

to upgrade your jewelry. / Cari barang terbaik dlm game (grade A) dan

kemudian naiktaraf sehingga +10, letak gem dan gunakan spens,mit,yit,tob

atau rotake untuk naiktaraf ring atau neck.

» Metal & gem upgrade system / Sistem naik taraf Metal dan gem.

» Giant Gem able to be use as potion and put in slot / Boleh menggunakan giant gem sebagai potion atau meletakkan pada slot.

» No final product available in donation mall but you able to donate for

medal / Tiada produk akhir di dalam donation mall tetapi anda boleh

membuat donation melalui medal

» Vote system (RYL-Points)

You could earn RYL-Points when vote for our server at website. Please make sure you're login at website before vote to ensure RYL-Points will be allocate to your account. 100 RYL-Points can be redeem to 1,000 Medals later / Anda boleh mengumpul RYL-Points apabila vote untuk server di website. Sila pastikan anda login di website sebelum vote supaya membolehkan RYL-Points masuk kedalam akaun anda. Anda boleh menebus 100 RYL-Points kepada 1,000 medal kemudian.
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Battle Lohan Fame Event 22/6/2013

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