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Apr 13, 2019
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Looks like a good price, good luck with that. However I am curious why I am constantly see everywhere on the web that being sold as used mainly Iphone 6 or Iphone 6s model ? Is it something behind that ? Are they one of the most good to get most money back or worst just to get rid of them ?;)

I dont know about iphone 6, 6 plus or 6s, but for me that is iphone 6s plus user, there's no single problem that i encounter while using my iphone eventhough i rarely use my iphone bcoz i have another phone.. I am selling it just bcoz i rarely used this phone and have bought new phone.. But to you who comment this, please think twice or more before comment as u pleased, bcoz there's a probability that maybe a buyer wont buy this very good iphone of mine just bcoz read your bad comment.. If dont want to buy, just read the post and leave.. Dont leave bad remarks that can damaged other people reputation just bcoz you want to have some fun for commenting.
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