Not Paying NEXO token akan bayar dividen pada DEC 2018

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Nov 21, 2017
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Asset type : ERC20 Token
Token Name : NEXO
ETH Address :

Kepada sesiapa nak invest dan minat dapat dividen max 30%

Due date : 5th Dec 2018 / 10 days before distribution / unit capture
Payment / start distribution : 15 hb December 2018
Required : KYC dan Nexo token held on 5hb dec2018

actual detail

Dividend Requirements
Nexo pays 30% of its Net Profit in the form of dividends and they are available to all NEXO Token holders, regardless of how many tokens they own, as long as two conditions are met:

1. NEXO Token Holders must undergo one-time KYC verification just as they would do at any other compliant financial institution. Nexo’s KYC process is very simple, fully automated and usually takes less 2 minutes;

2. NEXO Tokens must be held/staked in your Nexo Wallets at the ex-dividend date, which is 10 days prior to the dividend distribution date. The first ex-dividend date will be communicated in advance, so that token holders have more than enough time to deposit/stake their NEXO Tokens in their Nexo Wallets, if they have not done so already.

NEXO Token Deposits

Nexo, the world’s first instant crypto-backed platform, is pleased to inform you that the Nexo Wallet’s deposit feature…
Both measures ensure compliance with the highest KYC/AML standards for securities. They furthermore aim to ensure fairness in dividend distribution, prevent fraud, market and price manipulation which are sometimes witnessed with dividend-yielding common stocks around the world.

Dividend Distribution
Dividends are calculated in USD and paid in your Nexo Wallet in ETH and/or NEXO Tokens and/or USD stable coin, whichever creates greater value for NEXO Token holders at the given moment, which will be decided by Nexo. Should NEXO Tokens be used, they will be acquired by Nexo on exchanges, as of course no new tokens can be issued, as specified in the audited smart contract. In any case, the ETH/USD and NEXO/USD conversion rates used upon dividend distribution are based on volume-weighted averages across multiple exchanges.
All efforts within Nexo are focused on the company being profitable as soon as possible which is a prerequisite for dividend distribution.
The entire dividend will be paid out to all qualifying NEXO Token holder proportionally to their holdings. This means that eligible token holders will also receive the dividends of all ineligible token holders.
Nexo does not provide any tax, legal, accounting or reporting advice. You should always consult your own tax, legal and accounting advisors on related matters.

invest at your own risk .

token boleh beli direct kat website nexo direct guna credit card via changelly .

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