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To Sell Neo socket - jimat minyak save wang anda


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Sep 2, 2010
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kenapa kereta anda perlukan neo socket.....:eek:

· Save on gas by 10% to 30%

· Hi-Grade (Blue)

· Cleaner emission

· More horse power

· Longer battery life

· Too easy to use and start working instantly

· Made in Japan

Neo Socket is a break-through.Neo Socket will let you save on gas just by plugging them into your cigarette lighter sockets. You will start saving gas consumption by 10% to 30% immediately.
In addition you will experience more horse power or better acceleration, longer battery life, improvements in car audio, lights, cleaner emission and decrease in static electricity.
What is Neo Socket?


1. How does it work?
Neo Socket uses "Electrolysis Condenser" to support engines. Condensers (capacitors, in some countries) have an ability to store and release electricity, which support engines to tolerate the load fluctuation caused by road conditions, usage of other electronics, and other external events.

2. Does it have a fuse?

3. Will it work in 24V?
No, Neo Socket is designed for 12V cigarette sockets only.

4. LED(light) does not go off even after turning off the engine. Will the battery die?
This should be no problem since LED doesn't consume much power to operate. However, if you won't be driving for a long time, we recommend you to take it off of cigarette socket.

5. Does Neo Socket work if i attach it to cigarette socket adapters?

6. What if i attach Neo Socket into multiple cigarette sockets? Will the effect double or triple?
By using multiple Neo Socket, total capacity of the condenser will increase, thus theoretically the effect increases. However, effect won't double or triple.

7. Will it also work on the vehicles that run on diesel engines?

Ingin mencuba.......:-?
harga tak semahal produk lain hanya rm 60#:-S
kalau nak COD area penang [ bayan lepas,seberang jaya dan kepala batas shj ]
tunggu ape lagi...:Dhubungi 013-5131510


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