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To Sell Nano Wax Water Coating RM 55 FREE Gift + Postage


Nov 13, 2016
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Why Buy Nano Wax Water Coating Spray?
  1. Works on Car Paint, Windscreen, Mirrors (Why buy separate products when you can have 1 to manage all the coating)?
  2. Coating can be done in 10~15minutes.
  3. Dirt can be washed off easily after application.
  4. Long lasting up to 2-3 weeks inclusive of car wash every single week.
  5. Cheaper than going to car saloon, DIY-able!

FREE 1 MICROFIBER TOWEL for every bottle purchase. (Limited Time Offer)

For best results, use on a cool car, preferably in the shade to avoid sun spotting. Wash car to remove dirt before applying Nano Wax Water Coating.

Method of Usage:

1. Shake well & spray Nano Wax Water Coating on while car is wet, each section at a time.

2. Quickly spread the product with a wet microfiber towel.

3. Rinse car, then dry immediately with a soft & dry cloth

4. Done, your car is now with Nano Coating protection.

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