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MultiWall - Service for monetization and quality advertising!


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Mar 1, 2023
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MultiWall-ADS monetization and quality advertising service!



For site admins, monetization using the surf module, put on your site and monetize your members! And for referrals 100% high-quality advertising! The return on advertising is excellent, referrals are registered, advertising thrives and bears fruit. Without bots and any garbage! 100% high quality and huge audience!


As a site admin, you can earn money by simply adding a module viewing advertisements (surfing + short links) on your site. Instructions and ready-made modules for connection available in the INSTRUCTIONS section.

1. No minimum requirement
2. Payouts on demand from $10
3. Easy module setup
4. Help installing the module
5. Earning % setting
6. Full earnings statistics
7. Tech support 7/24​

You can advertise your websites in order to invite high-quality and interested audience in making money on the Internet to your projects. In simple words, attract referrals!

1. Affordable prices and rates
2. Huge audience reach
3. Possibility to order advertising even without registration
4. Full protection against autoclick and bots
5. Simple control panel
6. Detailed spending statistics
7. VPN and proxy protection
8. Tech support 7/24

I use the services of the service constantly, I am satisfied, I recommend!
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Hi all!
The project has added a new type of monetization, namely monetization through video ad impressions.
The project is reliable, it has been working since September last year. I myself receive payments from this service regularly, but I work there with the help of referrals, since I do not have my own website.
For those who have their own website, I definitely recommend trying this monetization format!

Learn more about monetizing with video ads (information taken from the site)

You can easily monetize your website traffic with our NEW "Video Ads" monetization format. The main advantages of this type of monetization:
1. The simplest installation of the code, anyone who has a website can.
2. Does not require additional space on your site.
3. This format is absolutely non-intrusive and will not annoy your visitors with constant ads.
4. This format automatically appears, and after 10 seconds it automatically disappears so as not to strain anyone with its presence.
5. The default rate for 1000 views is $0.10 and can automatically increase depending on the quality and quantity of your traffic.
6. This format shows consistently high performance for traffic monetization.
7. A wide range of sizes, ranging from a small video ad size of 320x180

To start monetizing with our video ads, please submit your site for review. Once the site is approved, you can generate an embed code for your site.
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