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Nov 21, 2010
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Money Factor - a charitable program in which we help each other. Program participants receive 100% of incoming money, the proceeds from the sale of copyright of digital products. You will be able to receive charitable financial assistance from the millions of Internet users on the Internet.
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About Us
The joint efforts we can achieve what is impossible to do alone.

Money Factor is developing innovative strategies that are used for the successful development and prosperity of the entire company.

This revolutionary business is developing rapidly, turning ordinary people into independent entrepreneurs without complicated conditions and large investments.

Money Factor gives each new partner all the necessary tools to achieve financial freedom.

We believe that leadership is a testament to our success.

With our business model and web-based systems you can control, manage and grow your business across the globe without leaving your own home.

We have built our system using modern solutions, the existing contacts in the industry and proven technologies.

Professional groups are composed of financial consultants, experienced managers, integration and professional development programs. This combination ensures that we can quickly change and adapt our technology to the rapidly changing Internet environment.

We produce tools, you reap the rewards.

Your journey begins now!
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Question: How do I become a member of the charitable program Money Factor and receive financial assistance from the millions of Internet users?
Answer: Buy one or the other authors of digital products that will offer you after a free registration.

Q: How does it work?
Answer: In each cycle, Money Factor are from 50 to 150 participants. When a new member gets a digital product, the money distributed among the 9 members: 20% gets the inviter and 10% receive 8 members of this series of charitable programs Money Factor. With each new purchase of the party, the inviter will receive 20% of the cost of purchased digital product.

Q: What happens when the number of participants in the cycle will reach 150?
Answer: The cycle is divided into 3 cycles of 50 participants.

Q: Do I have to spend their money for the program?
Answer: You do not have to spend their money. Every time you'll receive 20% of the value of copyright of digital products purchased on your recommendation. In this case you do not run in cycles and are not receiving cash assistance for their passage.

Q: What should be done in order to become a participant Money Factor?
Answer: take the free registration on the site, get a private office and personal link to invite new members. Choose and pay for the goods, if you wish to receive charitable aid from the program participants and millions of Internet users in the cycle. If you do not wish to purchase a digital product, you can invite new members and to receive cash assistance amounting to 20% of the purchase price of digital goods. In this case, you will not receive cash assistance from participants in the cycle.

Q: Do I have to invite new members to receive charitable aid from the Money Factor?
Answer: Not necessarily. You buy a digital product and get 10% of the value of the product at each iteration of the loop.

Q: What should be done in order to obtain permanent financial help during the cycles in the charity program, Money Factor?
Answer: Confirm your activity at least once within 7 days: new purchase you of any digital product or purchase of goods by any of the parties that you have invited into the program Money Factor.

Q: What happens if I do not want to confirm their activity?
Answer: You get out of the cycle and will continue to receive 20% of the value of copyright digital product that was purchased on your recommendation. Money earned will remain in your account in a private office. If you wish to participate again in the cycle, you will need to purchase one or other digital product.

Q: How can I withdraw cash assistance from the Money Factor on your account?
Answer: In a private office, select a convenient way for you to withdraw money.

Q: Can I get help from the Money Factor for the purchase of new digital products?
Answer: Maybe. You can get help up to 50%. the cost of goods. Fixed fee for aid is $ 5.

Q: The minimum amount for withdrawal?
Answer: $ 14

Question: I need to display financial assistance from the Money Factor in the same way that I enter the money?
Answer: Not necessarily. You can choose any available method of deriving a personal account.

Question: The Commission for the withdrawal?
Answer: $ 3 +1%

Q: The cost of copyright digital product?
Answer: $ 1, $ 2, $ 5, $ 8, $ 10, $ 20, $ 40, $ 60, $ 100, $ 200, $ 400, $ 600, $ 1000 $ 2000 $ 4000 $ 6000 $ 10000

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