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Maximize your gain and well-being with PLC Ultima's decentralized ecosystem


Feb 14, 2023
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The multi-service decentralized platform called PLC Ultima Ecosystem has garnered the attention of over 1.5 million users, who have flocked to its blockchain-based offerings in a mere year since its inception.

The PLCU mission is to give hundreds of millions of people who are deprived of traditional fintech services access to a global financial infrastructure and instant payments around the world.
Some of the PLCU utilities:
  • Marketplace
  • Crowdfunding Platform
  • Online Stores
  • Debit Cards (€, $, BTC, USDT, PLCU)
  • Minting Farms
In this post, we will talk about Minting Farms, and what they can offer to you. We will talk about how you can passively get coins and actively spread your sources of income in the PLCU community!

Minting Farms! Set your money to work for you! (Passively)

PLC Ultima Farm
is a process of minting new PLCUX cryptocurrency coins using Minting Farms. The minting of new PLCUX coins has a maximum load factor corresponding to the package that is available when you sign up.
You can decide to purchase your farm minter and load it up, then commence your minting every month which will produce 50% profits in the value of PLCUX minted.

  • Your minting deposit (principal) is given back to you after 12 months.
  • You can withdraw and sell your PLCUX coin in the open market.
  • You can earn 50% monthly by minting PLCUX coins.
  • Potential to profit up to 660% annually from your PLC Ultima Farm Minting.
  • Ability to own a property and luxury car with a 50% discount.

Ultima X Minters.png
Ultima Medium Minters.png
Ultima Top Minters.png

You can start with a LIGHT minter or ULTIMA minter, that's up to you, the technology is the same for all minters.
Let's say you have a budget of 2100€, you can buy the BASIC minter for 1100€ and load your farm with PLCUX coins worth another 1000€.
For the next 12 months, this farm will generate you PLCUX coins worth 500€ each month, this means at the end of the 12 months this farm will generate you PLCUX coins worth 6000€ plus 1000€ that is returned to you at the end of those 12 months. THIS IS FREAKING AMAZING!!!
I personally have one BASIC minter but I will share with you my strategies in the next post.

Grow with your people! (Actively)

PLC Ultima
has a huge community, so you can also commence their referral program by sharing and telling people about it and you earn some commissions according to the number of people who signed up, and purchased their Ultima farm minter. However if you don't want to be part of the community or share it with anyone you can stick to the passive income from Farm minters, no issue with that!

For the ones who are up to sharing this incredible opportunity!
let's talk about numbers!

Team Bonus, until 15 levels deep
LEVEL Commission

Bonus for recommendation 1º Level (no limits on recommendations)
Your Recommendation buys Farm:You Get

Feeling the thrill already? DM me so you can join this project and start earning amazing yields tomorrow!

Not yet? Check this 7-minute presentation from the founder ->

Think with me, we are going to start with the smart-blockchain and what will happen to you, if you arrive late, without resources, as many people don't have 1000 euros in their pocket? Everyone dreams of Financial Freedom, with 1 million euros, and wants to get rich tomorrow, but what have you been doing to achieve that? Think about your whole life, the success you've had, what you've been dreaming of, and what's coming!

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