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Feb 27, 2017
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I am not admin or owner of this program. All investment projects have risks, so don't invest what you can't afford to lose.

Based on blockchain technology, with decentralized anonymity as the design principle, JOKER.ONE, a decentralized "DApp Oasis” built on EOSIO, is committed to serving EOSIO-based applications of gaming and financing.

JOKER.ONE aims at converging the real attribute and value of blockchain, building a service system that integrates sectors of financing, gaming, serving, information and entertainment for EOS-based ecosystem worldwide. In this way, it allows global blockchain developers and financial players to convert their output into profits. Besides, players can make more profits by participate in the sections of gaming, entertainment, DeFi and mining in JOKER.ONE world.

Smart Contract Mining--Zero circulation, zero risk, and zero bubble

Smart Contract Distributes JOKER Package To Wallet - Gain your profits in a sustainable and steady way

Fund Management System By Smart Contract--Guaranteeing the ownership, scarcity and liquidity of gaming assets

Started: 2020-12-25

1. What is the function of JOKER WOLRD?

JOKER WORLD is the traffic source of JOKER.ONE ecosystem

2. How is the operating mechanism of JOKER WORLD?

JOKER WORLD has its own independent operating mechanism, and it’s a positive circulating system of economy

3. What is JOKER WORLD featured with?

As the supply volume of JokerMan is smaller than than market value of JOKER token, this is a platform that generates traffic permanently, sustainably and steady.

4. How to participate JOKER WORLD?

The first step is to buy and own your JokerMan

5. How can you obtain your JokerMan?

You can buy JokerMan with JOKER token or USDJ

6. How much is a JokerMan worth?

Each JokerMan costs 100USDT

7.What benefit will JOKER WORLD bring to the players?

•The JokerMan will send the players gift Package that contains Red Box and Black Box that contains profits
•Players will get referral profits after becoming different levels of JOKER WORLD Supporters
•Different levels of Supporters will be able to obtain sustainable profits at any section of with commission available

8.How many levels is JOKER WORLD supporter graded?

Totally six levels: Diamond, Club, Heart, Spade, Black Joker,Red Joker

9.How often does your JokerMan give you a gift Package?

Your JokerMan sends you a gift Package every 48 hours and he’ll disappear after sending 5 Packages.

10.How many types of Box does the gift Package contain?

Red Box: It brings you reward at a rewarding ratio of 0.5%-2% everyday, with a rewarding period of 300 days.
Black Box: It contains 30USDT of JOKER token that you can take out at any time.

11.What is the respective reward ratio for different levels of JOKER WORLD supporters?

Diamond Supporter: 10%
Club Supporter: 20%
Heart Supporter: 30%
Spade Supporter: 45%
Black Joker: 60%
Red Joker: 80%

Joker Pool:

Joker World: (ID: 1954326916)

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