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Dec 4, 2009
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Energy sector is showing unprecedented signs of growth. This is owing to the depleting supply of fossil fuels and its rising prices. This need for fossil energy is slowly getting replaced with the renewable energy. There is a preference for renewable energy as the renewable energy sources are unlimited in supply and are totally environment friendly. The global investor has understood the slowly increasing importance and need for the renewable energy.

In such a scenario, the demand for offshore banking services in the field of energy has grown. The sector offers its investors to invest their funds outside their country of residence. This offshore investment allows the investors to reap the benefits of lesser taxes, assets protections, better political setup and lesser regulations. The investors can save a great deal of taxes from offshore investments.

The returns from the energy sector are very high, estimated to be around 650% and more. The profits from the energy sector are all set to rise further as the demand for energy rises. The need for clean energy has reinforced this, with indication of the presence of a unique and lucrative opportunity for investors worldwide. The offshore energy investment not just provides the investors with the opportunity to benefit from the investments but also a safe harbor for their money.

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