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Apr 21, 2010
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Global shares investment is a company that pools the assets of thousands of investors together in one portfolio. Our experienced investment professionals are responsible for building and managing mutual fund portfolios. Often, these are the same experts responsible for managing large corporate and institutional investment portfolios. We offer investment support for individual and co-operate organisation. many conpanies and individual use the service of our highly experience staff to make profit. We derive our earnings from a diversified portfolios on stock trading private equity, commercial property, hedge funds, Real estate, foreign exchange markets (forex) and in search of enhanced returns and reducing risk of investment.

Before we put the investment programs onto the Internet, we have been operating on our business offline for several years. And now we are presenting it online to share the profit with all the cyber users. We demonstrates Our commitments to investors through the firm's emphasis on excellence, integrity and ethical behavior. Our investor relationships are among our greatest competitive assets. We're growing our business by helping investors grow theirs.

1.8% Daily for 90 days ($10 - $2000)
1.9% Daily for 90 days ($2001 - $5000)
2.0% Daily for 90 days ($5001 - 40000)
13.7% Daily for 10 days ($10 - $2000)
15.6% Daily for 10 days ($2001 - $5000)
19.4% Daily for 10 days ($5001 - 40000)

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Withdrawal: Instant
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