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Nov 18, 2010
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Hello Everybody

My name is Nick Berg, and i am here today to announce the launch of our new Cash Rewards program is the newest and smartest Revolving Matrix system with a two board structure. Fifteen positions in each Board.
Cycling our top board (Platinum Board) gets you a $12,000 cash payout and Free Re-Entry back into one of our Platinum Boards, worth thousands more.

The product is a beautiful 2-3 Carat Amethyst Gemstone that comes in a presentation case, the cost to join is $300 plus a fee if paying with Liberty Reserve.

We plan to become the next dominating force in the MLM industry. We are seeking contact from industry leaders and of course everyone else is also welcome to join.

Leaders who can bring large downlines to our system are encouraged to call me directly, or contact me via email or messenger.

Anyone who would like to join can use this sponsor link

Team Leaders who are interested in 100+ PINs are encouraged to call about our discounts and incentives.

Kind Regards

Nick Berg
Business Development Manager

Email: nick AT
PH: +1 646-810-4144 (USA)
PH: +41 4-3508-0795 (Switzerland)
AIM Messenger: [email protected]
Yahoo Messenger: gem[email protected]
Skype: gemfortunes
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