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To Sell FORTES.PRO - DDoS Protection / Protected VPS And Hosting


Oct 27, 2021
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Hello dear forum users!
We present to your attention the FORTES.PRO service - protection against DDoS attacks and illegal traffic. 10 years on the information security market. We invite everyone to use our services. We guarantee an individual approach and full support.

Recently, among our clients, there are more and more financial projects, word of mouth works among clients who have already worked with us, we also enjoy a good reputation among administrators and developers serving these projects.
It would be very interesting for us to further increase our presence in this niche.

Protection options:

Network Layers 3-4 DDoS Protection
Geographically distributed multilevel system for detecting and mitigating network layer DDoS attacks that exploit DNS, ICMP, TCP and UDP protocols. All incoming network traffic is analyzed in real time. When the traffic characteristics resemble a DDoS attack, the system automatically activates mitigation employing Arista 7508R, Cisco and Arbor network firewalls. Our data center infrastructure capacity is 15 Tbps, which allows absorbing large traffic volumes during the attack. Efficient against such attacks as SYN Flood, UDP Flood, Memcached Amplification, IP Fragmentation, DNS Flood, DNS Amplification, and their varieties.

Application Layer 7 DDoS Protection
Multilevel system for detecting and mitigating application layer DDoS attacks that exploit HTTP and HTTPS protocols. All incoming traffic is analyzed at the network stack level using proprietary statistical and behavioral modules capable of self-learning from any type of attack. To more accurately detect anomalies, the system collects the signatures of all known DDoS attacks and records the legitimate user behavior maps and request frequency. When a threat arises, the system automatically activates the filtering rules including JavaScript Challenge, slowing down suspicious requests, source blocking, etc. Efficient against such attacks as HTTP/S Flood, Slowloris, Slow Post, and their varieties.

Undesired Bots, Parsers and Brute Force Protection
Detecting and filtering undesired bots and parsers and preventing brute force are based on checking if the request source is using a browser: cookies, JavaScript, window size, etc. If the bot’s IP address doesn’t pass the browser test, is not on the customer’s whitelist as well as the whitelists of search engines, payment aggregators, trackers and other useful systems whose bots may access the site, then this IP is flagged as undesired and its access is restricted. For bots mimicking full-featured browser, additional customizable rules are applied to limit the access.

Protection features:

High-Capacity Geo-Distributed Network
Our servers are located at the world’s largest and most reliable data centers, OVH and Voxility. The main filtering points are located in Germany, France, Romania, UK, Canada, and US. Total channel capacity exceeds 15 Tbps, which allows filtering even the most voluminous and long-lasting attacks.

Fast attack detection and mitigation
All incoming traffic is analyzed by filters that operate in standby mode both on network and application layer. This allows instant detection and response to a DDoS attack. Mitigation and filtering start from the first seconds of the attack and stop after its complete localization. This allows preventing illegitimate connections and requests from reaching the customer’s server.

Flexible Filter Settings and Low False Positive
When developing the protection algorithms, our engineers fully realize the fact that each website has its peculiarities. Filter setting flexibility allows specifying the rules for each website individually taking into account the legitimate user experience. These measures allow minimizing false positive defense activation rate.

Transparent filtering without using CAPTCHA
We don’t use for protection against DDoS attacks crude filtering methods like CAPTCHA or the requests to prove that the user is real human by clicking a button, because these methods are harmful to behavioral factors, bounce rate, and site reputation.


Remote protection against DDoS attacks
A solution to protect against DDoS attacks without changing your hosting provider. Connection is made by changing A-records or NS to protected ones.
Description of tariffs and cost:

Protected hosting
A solution to protect against DDoS attacks, with the placement of sites on our equipment. Includes all the benefits of remote protection, stable operation and flexible tariff plans.
Description of tariffs and cost:

Protected VPS
A network layer DDoS protection solution with full server access. Ideal for protecting websites and larger projects. Separate filtration point in Romania.
Description of tariffs and cost:

This topic was created for the purpose of familiarization. Will be used only to publish discounts / promotions and collect feedback from customers who have used our services. If you have any questions, please contact the following contacts:

E-mail: [email protected]
Tel: 8 800 301-66-05
Telegram: @Fortespro

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