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First hyip-application for Android - HYIP App


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Nov 20, 2012
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Hello dear friends, I will be introducing a mobile app for android called HYIP App.
Here is the description and a short review.

This free app will grant you a unique opportunity to receive and review detailed description of 'High Yield Investment Programs'. You can get to know and track new hyips at any time and any place, and be aware of the latest developments, without being distracted by on your current affairs.
HYIP App – this is an app with user-friendly interface, very easy to navigate and with a fresh selection of interesting and relevant projects.

The main points:
+ Receive important, relevant and reliable information about HYIP investment projects needed for initial familiarization with the project. You will get information about the status of the project (Paying - green dot next to the name of the project, Scam - a red dot next to the name of the project).
+ Add your favorite projects to favorites by pressing the "+" button for further full analysis of the project.
+ Leave your opinion in the comments.
+ You can put "likes" on interesting projects.
+ Share interesting projects with your friends or send projects to your email box.
+ By browsing the different categories – 'Popular' and 'Scum' you can make your own conclusions for your future strategies. The popularity of the project rises by the "likes" posted by users.
+ Get notified by on your smartphone of a new project. Be constantly informed!
+ Read interesting and useful articles in the different categories 'Articles' and 'For beginners'.

Plans for the future:
+ To add a record "Our opinion" in the project description.
+ Add a note-book of the investor with the table: Project | Invested | withdrawal | Subtotal.

Investors will get all the important and correct information, starting from SSL and DDoS protection, the minimum withdrawal , the script’s license +and ending with links to Alexa, Whois and other important links. It also provides information about RCB.
Novice investors, in addition to the above, will get articles and materials that will help them to familiarize with investments in high yield investment programs.

And in a few words ... If you want to simplify the process of project selection and value your time, then this app is exactly what you need. :yes:

At this time, the application downloaded 499 investors.
About us wrote in all Russian-speakers Money Make forums and popular websites.



You can download App here (Play Market)

P.S. I apologize in advance and ask the moderators to move the topic to the appropriate section, if the topic is in the wrong place. :worthy:

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