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Fckcoin: Not not just a token, the best medium for merchant payment processing


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Nov 12, 2020
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What is FCKcoin?

Decentralized Network
FCKcoin is not just your regular BEP-20 ERC-20 token. FCKcoin is simply the best medium for merchant payment processing. FCKcoin supports all the ideological principles of crypto world: anonymity, speed, spanning across boarder, less governmental and financial institution control. While handling payments for luxury items and entertainment.

FCKcoin will provide unique benefits and access to its users and holders, at the same time directing a portion of its transaction fee to global charities, to give opportunity to those afflicted by income inequality.


The Deal
As founders, we treat ourselves no different than our team members, advisors and marketing influencers. This means we have the same lockup provisions, the same burn rates, the same everything that applies to them. In our commitment to transparency, we have locked this into our smart contracts.

The Lock
The lock is critical for the stability of every new coin in order to preserve its value. By locking ourselves (Founders, Team, Advisors, Marketing Influencers) we show our commitment in maintaining a steady rise in value and a hedge against volatility.

The Burn
We launch with an initial 900 trillion-coin supply and will execute an unprecedented, rapid burn to reduce total volume to 9 trillion coins. Our 99% burn is the highest of any coin in history, engineered to rapidly increase coin valuation.

FCKcoin is an extremely deflationary coin. We have designed our burn system that will reduce the total supply as quickly as possible. Seven percent (7%) of coins sold in every transaction will be burned. This burning begins at launch and continues until we reach our target total supply of 9 trillion coins. This feature is embedded into our smart contracts, and will not be changed.

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