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Sep 5, 2018
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Good afternoon Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of the Forum !!!

Many people have known me on this forum for more than one year, as well as I am known to many on dozens of other resources and friendly sites. I am an active seller in another field! On all resources, I practically have the status of a veteran, respected, moderator, verified seller with all kinds of checks and deposits passed, I have thousands of reviews with gratitude and many partners and friends from different countries! Today I want to present you my new rendering service which I am sure you will like it and you will appreciate it in the future !!!!

Being on the resources of this topic, for many years I did not have ANY FINANCIAL ARBITRATION and debt !!!

My team has been trained for more than 4 months by such RESPECTED people as: FLOPPI, DINOSAURIK, EXTREMAL, who I think will proudly say that we are ready for professional work. A lot of material was purchased for work on this topic, as well as professional equipment to demonstrate the best quality of the work performed. The completed work is provided to you in the form that you wish (printout, lamination, photo, scan in a cleaned form), which guarantees high throughput, since in fact you will not see any traces of editing!

Thanks to my disciplinary qualities, I achieved the same from my team !!!

Many of you have come across how difficult it is at night to find a person who will fulfill the order, you no longer need to look for it, we are
I suggest friends:

-cumulative system of discounts 4 + 1 for free
- to any "OLD MAN" through verification in the LAN up to 5 renderings on credit.
- for wholesalers a decent discount (negotiated in the PM)
-Any buyer, even without a reputation with the guarantor of the old man CREDIT. My service is loyal and flexible and ready for any dialogues and negotiations !!!!
For 1.5 months drew about 1000 clients for FREE to study the needs of customers and be good friends.
Many are ready to leave feedback and they will, I assure you. We have EVERYTHING, and we will produce what is not in a short time !!!!

Bank card (CC) $ 8-13
Passports (more than 40 countries) $ 8-12
ID card / DL / 8-14 $
Selfie from $ 25
Statement BA / Bank statement with your transactions $ 8-12
Utility bill / Receipts of housing and communal services 4-8 $
Editing your documents

For all questions, please contact telegram
Telegram rendering channel (With reviews, discounts and promotions)
To improve the quality of work, complaints and suggestions are accepted by Serggik00
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