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Jul 19, 2019
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In this topic, I will tell briefly as possible everything you need to earn money.


Immediately start with the cost:

- NEED 0.05ETH ~ $ 10-11 - and all

Possible earnings:

- up to 10,000 ETH (dreaming is not harmful, maybe at least 3 months per month)


We will work with CRYPTOHANDS. This is the verified and open source smart contract, where everyone can take as much as he wants, whether it is a new iPhone or a new apartment. RECEIVE INSTANTLY ON THE WALLET!!

The fact is that all transfers are made through the smart contract ETH, and the money does not belong to the owners of this project, we simply transfer money from a lower lvl to a higher lvl, this is the beauty of this project. No one will ever block you.

What should be done?

If the PC:

2. Click Registration, you just need to conduct a transaction at 0.05 ETH via Metamask (

If mobile:

1. Downloading, for example, Trust Wallet. (the list of applications is at registration)
2. Go to the browser (dApp) and paste the link
3. Click automatically and pay
4. Go to your personal account and proceed to further action.

Next steps

After registration you need to attract only 3 people by your link and that's it! These people follow your link, pay 0.05ETH, which go immediately to the wallet. AND YOU RECEIVE 0.15 ETH

After - you buy level 2 to earn more, the second level costs 0.15 ETH, but more interesting and more profit

The person who invited you is AUTOMATICALLY looking referrals for you. PASSIVE MONEY

Again. How it works?

For example, I invited 3 people. You are the 4th. If the 3rd person invited more than 3 people who paid for access, then the next one invited from him - goes to YOU! And you get 0.05ETH.

Summing up

Your main task is to invite 3 people. For each 0.05ETH. The 4th invited person from YOU will go to your 1st referral and so on! When your referrals pay for a new level - YOU WILL ALSO EARN MONEY.

For example. You are my referral, for example. I am telling you - you can earn 0.15 ether for 3 people, who can also earn 0.15 ether if they invite others and so on. EVEN, if you do not invite anyone, THEN MY referrals become AUTOMATIC YOURS.If you were not my ref, but someone else and he invited 3 people, then the 4th GO TO YOU. You get 0.05. ether just like that. You can save them, but you can raise the level
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