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Dec 23, 2018
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I am not an admin or owner.
The topic was created for informational purposes.

I think I found an even better business opportunity than I introduced in my other thread, which by the way runs flawlessly for many months now.

Cryptify Trading Bot

CTFY Trading LLC
Blvd. Pacifica Q Tower 51B
Panama City,

Do not misunderstand, there are real traders working behind the scenes. The bot was created to handle automatic funding and withdrawal and as frontend for the users.

The upline of my sponsor even visited their offices and convinced themselves of the real trading activities.

Have a look at Cryptify Trading Bot Video





How is the money invested?
We work with clients' money similar to a classic capital market.
Most of the funds invested are traded via so-called crypto exchanges (trading platforms).
That various currencies and crypto titles are bought online at low purchasing prices via various trading platforms #
and sold again when prices rise. And we do this through a team of experts 24 hours a day, actively managed.

Where is it traded?
Trading takes place predominantly via the following platforms:,,,,,,

Is there a guarantee?
As is usual with investment transactions on the capital market, no guarantee is given here either.
However, the successes so far speak for themselves. Because the trading strategy we follow is very safety-oriented and produces
an average return of 0.7 to 1.4% per day on average. Since we also have to earn margin, and we do not want to advertise something that could possibly be dubious,
the client still receives more than an average of 0.7% daily.

Cryptify investment plan:
Baserate: 0,7% per day – 4.9% per week for 78 weeks. Then your trading order ends automatically.
Deposits from 100 Euro in all common crypto currencies are possible.
Your trading will start next friday.

The 1st withdraw of a recent made deposit is possible from the second friday.
Payouts once a week. The minimum amount that can be withdrawn is 50 Euros.
It is paid only in cryptocurrencies, no handling FIAT Money in any Form.

Affiliate program:
Direct bonus: 10%
Team bonus: 0 - 15%
Three highest affiliate ranks receive a total company turnover share.

Cryptify Trading Bot:
The Cryptify TradingBot works with the messenger service telegram.

4.9% weekly on your deposit
Deposit from 100 Euro in all common crypto currencies
Attractive compensation plan - 10% Direct bonus!
Withdrawal´s in BTC

Try it, check the offer and see for yourself.
Cryptify Trading Bot Registration

If you need help setting up the bot I am happy to help you!​
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Dec 23, 2018
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I am still building up my funds in Cryptify but here my latest payout.

Payment received!

Add funds +0.00620293

Status Successful

Funds added to Bitcoin account 3EzJqzCzQ*******b7ZQcBG

Cryptify is running very well without any problems and earns you an interest of about 4.9% per week. (y)
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