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Aug 12, 2010
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I'm not admin project.

Smart contract CRipLos - децентрализованая система отношений, использующая децентрализованные фонды участников в рамках добычи токенов CRL. Для осуществления внутренних транзакций smart contract Criplos использует токен CRL. To start CRL minig User just need to transfer any quantity of ETH to the contract web address (at least 0.1 ETH). You will receive a resource and value of level of your mine with the profit of 120% on the invested funds at a fixed rate 1000 CRL = 1 ETH Mining of tokens of CRL represents distribution of the entering transactions, according to compliance of the relation of level of production of the mine to a general meaning of level of a pool of CRipLos, until the value of the mine is completely exhausted. It is possible to increase resources and level of mining at any moment, using mining acceleration function. Anytime CRL tockens can be transferred to any ETHereum netwok address. The quantity of the obtained CRL tokens always corresponds to quantity of ETH at the established contract rate that provides a guarantee and reliability of the system. Thus, transparent and uninterrupted conversion of funds in the CRipLos contract is provided.


120% on the invested funds

Accepted currencies: ETH.

Referral commission: 7%

-== Watch the project and take part ==-

My Deposit:


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