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To Sell Cloud servers from 0.05$/hour with AntiDDoS. Try it for free!


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Nov 18, 2021
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Why choose us?

Modern equipment and fast communication channels (4.3 GHz processors, up to 10 Gbps network)

We use only the latest equipment. Cloud servers run on the top AMD Threadripper 3990X processor with a frequency of up to 4.3 GHz, each node is connected to the Internet at a speed of at least 2x10Gbps and has a direct connection to the largest providers.

Hourly pay and scalability

With us you can place projects of any scale at any time of the day, all services are activated automatically within a minute, in any quantity, and you can pay by the hour. If the server is no longer needed, you can easily delete it and order another one in one click. Real cloud.

AntiDDoS protection as standard (up to 2Tbps, including for games)

We are one of the few providers that provide DDoS protection by default for all plans. Attack protection on OSI L3-L7 models, works in constant mode, suitable for games and not only, does not require additional expenses.

Chat support 24/7/365

We are in touch with our clients around the clock, specialists are in touch at any time of the day and will never leave you alone with the disease.

Try the best cloud servers for FREE, now it's possible. Just register in our billing and get 500 rubles on your balance, which can be spent on any cloud server. Activation within 60 seconds.

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