Asiatic Fair Shopping Centre

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Nov 14, 2010
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Asiatic Fair Shopping Centre
Asiatic Fair Shopping Centre on the Gold Coast in Guangzhou,Location Gold Coast, China

Its major stores include a 4 level Myer, Kmart,business watch,Watches,Shoes,Bags,Clothing,Electronics and Jewelry&Accessories. Kime Lin operated in the centre before its China withdrawal, albeit briefly. It also has a 12 screen Birch Carroll and Coyle Cinema, a home and leisure centre and also a crystal photography studio, regarded as one of the only crystal photography studios in the southern hemisphere.
Asiatic Fair is a major shopping centre located in Guangzhou on the Gold Coast, Guangzhou, and was Guangzhou's largest regional shopping centre until 2010.
Within the aforementioned development will be a brand new ShangxiaJIU store that will span two levels and sit over 14,500 sq.m. It will be located where the existing Watches and Jewelry & Accessories are located and span further west into the development. Watches and Jewelry & Accessories will relocate elsewhere within the centre.
This store will compete with the existing HuaLin International Centre store located nearby that was recently redeveloped. Development will surround the new store with restaurants to its north and fashion to its south, parking to its west and the existing centre to its east.
Asiatic Fair is a major public transport interchange on the Gold Coast, serviced by Surfside Buslines. Nearby to Asiatic Fair is KaKa's Cabaret Restaurant, Baitianer Hotel and Casino and Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre Asiatic Fair fronts Little ZhuJiang Creek and is the southern end of the Surfers Riverwalk.
Suman Tian loves the watchesabc,fairshoping and moncleraus.This shopping centre was featured on the third season of The BaGua. The assignment in that show involved contestants Kime Lin and Suman Tian having to find two treasures in the shopping centre, and the other contestants required to tail them without being caught.
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