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Jun 19, 2019
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Hello everyone, this is ALICE TRADE, a very good developed platform running since over a month.
The platform offer also the VOICE ASSISTANT and many other futures

From Website
Ability to perform automatic analysis and stock price forecast is an undeniable advantage for profitable deals on any stock exchange. In this regard, in 2016, a group of professionals in the field Trading launched a startup, which received the working title “Alice Trade”. This project was intended to become a reliable assistant to the trader. In order to increase investment income. It became real breakthrough in the field of trading and gave a lot of advantages in the formation of an investment portfolio . The goal of the startup was to create a unique analytical a robot capable of independently analyzing and predicting stock quotes and securities. Platforms for implementation were well-known stock exchanges «LSE» «NASDAQ» and «NYSE».
AliceTrade Provides 2 Plans, the first one is a plan with floating return 1/3% based on trading results (1% on weekend days), the second one is a test plan with 0.5% return daily.

  • 1% - 3% Daily for 15 Days + Principal Back
  • 0.5% Daily for 5 Days + Principal Back

Like in many other project you have to go on "Replenish Wallet" section and deposit the amount you want to invest, and after this you can choose the plan you prefer.

PAYMENTS SYSTEMS: PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum

Min Deposit: 25$
Min Withdraw: $0.10 for PM & Payeer, or 0.00025 BTC or 0.01 ETH per transaction.
Payments type: Instant

5% - RCB 100% on first deposit


Technical Part:
  • Hosing: Cloudflare, Inc.
  • SSL: EV SSL valid from 12 Jul, 2019 to 11 Jul, 2020 - DigiCert Inc
  • Script: Own Developed Platform
  • Design matches: No match
  • PERFECTMONEY: U19027693 (no matches found)
My Deposit:

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