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  1. dloanman

    Unifi Try Me 30Mbps, Download Speed 10Mbps, RM89 per month

    Choose Your Package FREE 30 Days trial Unifi Try Me 30Mbps 30Mbps - Download Speed 10Mbps - Upload Speed 20 sen/min Voice Call 24 months contract RM89 Monthly FREE 30 days APPLY SHOW MORE FREE 30 Days trial ======================================================== Unifi Try Me 100Mbps...
  2. dloanman

    To Sell Unifi Mobile Promotion RM59 - No contract, Unlimited data, calls & texts

    For professionals who interact with their devices on a day-to-day basis. 10GB data (9GB LTE + 1GB LTE/3G) Complimentary daily 1GB LTE data valid for 24 hours from 1 July 2020 until 31 July 2021 100 mins calls & 25 text No contract, Keep your number and switch to unifi Mobile now with RM0...
  3. dloanman

    To Sell Unifi Broadband Bebas Prepaid RM35 - Unlimited Data, Unlimited Hotspot, Text & Calls

    Be #BEBAS to go online lebih-lebih on your phone! Our prepaid plan gives you LEBIH data to stream, game, shop, browse, bersocial-social and more. Pilih Apa Saja - customise your plan Buy Add-ons you need for data & calls. Be #BEBAS to enjoy unlimited high-speed data on your fave apps, or chat...
  4. dloanman

    To Sell Daftar Unifi Online | Register Unifi Online - FREE 30 days plan + RM400 TnG voucher

    PROMOSI UNIFI TERBARU! 1- month FREE on your internet plan + up to RM400 TNG e-wallet voucher Terms and Conditions • This campaign is only applicable for new installation. • Customer will receive a call within 3 days to confirm on enquiry and arrange on installation. • All packages are tie to...
  5. dloanman

    To Sell Unifi Broadband Plan | Unifi Broadband Promotion | Unifi Broadband Package

    YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH MARRREEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! DAPATKAN UNIFI BROADBAND SERENDAH rm199 SEBULAN! 30 Days trial – No Obligation! 300Mbps The best entertainment and gaming experience for everyone at home. Watch 70+ channels of premium entertainment content on unifi TV Ultimate Pack and FREE unifi...
  6. zasa121

    To Sell Daftar PERCUMA Maxis Fibre Internet hanya RM89 sebulan disini!!

    Maxis Fibre Buat apa nak membayar lebih jika boleh mendapatkan harga Home Internet dengan lebih murah ? . Kelebihan Langgan Maxis Fibre . -FREE Register -FREE Pemasangan -FREE Modem -Kontrak 2 Tahun -Bil dibayar lepas 30 hari diaktifkan . Untuk Harga Plan MAXIS FIBRE Hanya . 30Mbps –...
  7. R

    To Sell Streamyx-UniFi Promo Extended |8Mbps-RM 140|4Mbps-RM 130|2Mbps-RM 120|10Mbps-RM 129|

    TM Streamyx-UniFi Bonanza Promotion Extended |8Mbps-RM 140|4Mbps-RM 130|2Mbps-RM 120|10Mbps-RM 129|30Mbps-RM 179 | HARGA PAKEJ HOME: *HARGA PROMOSI STREAMYX 1MBPS: RM 110 Rebet Tunai RM20 STREAMYX 2MBPS: RM 120 Rebet Tunai RM20 STREAMYX 4MBPS: RM 130 Rebet Tunai RM40 STREAMYX 8MBPS: RM 140...
  8. stonz

    To Sell UNIFI Installation Set

    Item(s): 1. D-Link AC 1200 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Cloud Router 1 Unit 2. TP-Link AC 1200 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Cloud Router 1 Unit 3. Modem Huawei HG8240w 5 Unit...
  9. myrayyan


    - Fast Activation - After Sales Services - 1 User 1 ID only (Not Shared Account) - Trusted Seller -------------------------- - Support Android 9 and above - Requirement Internet Speed 10mbps and above - Recommend use Home Fiber Internet - Support Multiple Device ---------------------------...
  10. A

    Wanted Nak daftar Unifi area Shah Alam. Urgent!

    salam. saya mencari agent unifi di shah alam. baru pindah. nak masuk line unifi di rumah segera yang boleh. seksa xde internet ni. whatsapp atau msg saya segera ke 01125272818
  11. bintang4

    Wanted [Dah Settle] UNIFI installer area tmn puncak jalil. URGENT!!!

    Spt tajuk thread..sila pm ambe / tinggalkn phone no di thread ni. Aku nak ubah box unifi kt luar , nak naik/ tinggi kn dlm 600mm nk renovate umah sikit. Dah call unifi, derang nak RM300, punya la mahal. lakaran lebih kurang.. UPDATE:
  12. takumie

    Wanted Mencari Ejen Unifi

    salam, sape2 sini promoter kwn nak instal unifi d opis baru ye..area snwy....Pm sy cpt2 sblm direct terus gi tm point..
  13. BeritaGempak

    Wanted Nak Pasang Unifi

    Assalamualaikum warga CG.. ade tak kat sini agen pemasangan Unifi?? tp umah TT tak ade socket TM .. ade servis pemasangan sekali x?
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