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  1. fazarudin

    Token $NILLA INNU - New Launching, Jom beli sebelum coin masuk CMC.

    Jom beli coin terbaru, $NILLA INNU dengan harga lantai sebelum masuk CMC. Selain dari tu, dapat reward USDT. Fair launch initiated Name : Nilla Inu Ticker : NILLA Contract Address : 0x9e9a9ae45038862131ef8c918aaa9c6bdc1b3d57 Network : Binance Smart Chain Website...
  2. C

    Token CLORE.AI - GPU Compute Marketplace

    Distributed supercomputer That Fits Your Needs. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ WEBSITE | TWITTER | DISCORD | YOUTUBE |...
  3. ekom

    Staking IdooL Primmax -

    Assalamualaikum... slm sejahtera kwn2... Apps akhir zaman.. mempersembahkan idool..... Ada kwn promote biz ni.. dah join staking pun dan mula mendapatkan reward... Syarikat boleh rujuk di Dipendekkan cerita... difahamkan ianya sebuah aplikasi one stop...
  4. Adrieris

    Token CYVO - | Ultra-Secure OS, Web Browser, Digital Wallet, Stealth Storage
  5. R

    Token GameFi Metaverse Undeads Metaverse (UDS) is a next-generation AAA zombies survival NFT game that is entirely player-centric

    Undeads Metaverse is a next-generation AAA zombies survival NFT game that is entirely player-centric. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where players must survive in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. The game is built on the Ethereum blockchain and has had a successful audit of...
  6. Adrieris

    Token Myriad | Multi-Algo, Fair, Secure

    Here are some selected news items of what have been going on with Myriad recently. 2 MAR 2020 Core: GitHub 20 FEB 2019 Core: (maintenance) GitHub 20 FEB 2019 Core: (required, algoswap2) GitHub Make sure to stop by Reddit for the latest...
  7. A

    Token GameFi Metaverse Kusunoki Token [KUSUNOKI] - – The Cryptocurrency of the Samurai

  8. Adrieris

    Token NFT GameFi Metaverse MetaIsland - : A Metaverse Built On Unreal Engine 5

    MetaIsland is a hyper-immersive game with an excellent narrative and brilliant gameplay. It is a procedural game spanning a land area of 8 kilometres sq. It is a metaverse-based game that hosts gorgeous terrane, locations, beaches, sunsets and more. Powered by Unreal Engine 5 (UE5), MetaIsland...
  9. Adrieris

    Token DEX PLEXUS Exchange - | Layer0 Cross-Chain DEX Aggregator

    PLEXUS Interswap — Cross-chain Liquidity aggregator What is Interswap? Interswap is a Cross-chain iquidity aggregator. It is a next-generation DEX aggregator that guarantees the fastest, the cheapest and the most secure multi step swaps across all blockchain networks and bridges with a single...
  10. F

    Token FinCapital (FIN) - - The Swiss Army Knife of wealth & crypto management

    FinCapital is the Swiss Army Knife of wealth & crypto management. From crypto/FIAT exchange to IBAN and debit card issuance, customized tokenization and traditional asset brokerage, we allow our customers to manage their entire portfolio in a single platform. Website...
  11. Adrieris

    Airdrop HOB Token Airdrop campaign Earn to equivalent of 51,750 USD (2,070,000 PCS)

    We are releasing our HOB Token to celebrate we are giving away to some lucky winners! Simply follow the steps below to enter the winner be Contents is open Worldwide To get tokens, you need to perform several actions. 1.Log in using mail, twitter, reddit, facebook , steam, discord, twitch...
  12. Adrieris

    Token DeFi Web3Finance - | World's Biggest APY

    Web3Finance provides a decentralized financial asset which rewards it’s users with 0.017% increase in their assets, every 10 minutes. The Web3Finance reward generation is a unique protocol that has advanced profit making. The Web3Finance rewarding protocol generates and distributes a 0.017 %...
  13. J

    Token Qukex - | BSC 100X token Presale

    Alert this is a big project launching soon on binance smart chain Qukex A Web3 Wallet For All Your Payments comes with Visa Card. Qukex enables you to pay in cryptocurrencies on over millions of merchants worldwide. Quickest and easiest way to pay for your shopping, bills, gas stations & more...
  14. Adrieris

    Token GoodDollar - | Speeding Crypto Mass Adoption on Blockchain - Claim $G daily

    Website | Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn | Instagram | Telegram | Wallet | Roadmap | Marketplace | Github | Whitepaper What is GoodDollar? The GoodDollar protocol is a community-driven, distributed framework designed to generate, fund, and distribute global basic income via the GoodDollar token...
  15. Adrieris

    Token ENVOY - - Decentralised trade finance marketplace

    ENVOY The disruptive trade finance marketplace, built to better global commerce. Website | Whitepaper | Telegram | Facebook | Twitter | Medium | Reddit| LinkedIn Envoy is a trade finance marketplace powered by blockchain. We have unified the old with the new by creating an interoperable...
  16. Adrieris

    Token StarCash - - Decentralized Like Stars | Proof of Work | Ethash

    StarCash - Decentralized Like Stars! StarCash is a permissionless smart contract platform, powered by Proof of Work (Ethash) consensus algorithm. It provides full compatibility to EVM and supports smart staking. ✅ Official Links 🔸 Website: 🔸 Github...
  17. Adrieris

    Token Purplecoin- - The first stateless cryptocurrency and decentralised ledger

    Purplecoin: The first stateless cryptocurrency and decentralised ledger With the advent of Bitcoin, decentralised ledgers have sprung into existence. While revolutionary for its time, Bitcoin could not satisfy the needs of the masses due to its inability to scale to global needs. No other...
  18. Adrieris

    Token Metaple Finance [MLX] - | Multiply & Maximize

    METAPLE FINANCE Metaple Finance - Multiply & Maximize "Metaple Finance is world’s first multi staking protocol built on Binance Smart Chain. Let’s multiple & maximise with Metaple.”. Roadmap We do not need any intermediaries or arbitrators. The code specifies the resolution of...
  19. Adrieris

    Token DeFi Yellow Rock Finance - YellowRock.Finance - DeFi with upgraded ETF like products

    The YellowRock Finance is created to help users get the exposition on specific areas of the crypto world in an easy way. Builded on Polygon chain with upgraded ETFs like products, swap and stable coin which bring DeFi to new level. Key features: ★ Multiple tokens with vaults filled with coins...
  20. Adrieris

    Token Qi Blockchain [QIE] - | The only blockchain the world will ever need

    Qi enables the deployment of smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps) to be built and run without any downtime, fraud, control, or interference from a third party. Decentralized applications—also known as "dApps" or "dapps"—are digital applications that run on a blockchain network...
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