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    Token [ANN] Telefy - Worlds First Credit Score Oriented DeFi Solution

    Hi Everyone, We have been working on a multi chain DeFi solution to create multi chain credit score oriented DEX, Lending platform, IDO Launch Pad, NFT market place. Finally ready to launch. Tele score will be calculated based on various parameters and same will be available for every wallet it...
  2. I

    DeFi Bancambios - | impact-driven & multi chain order-book ecosystem

    Climate change it's more than ever a hot topic for everyone. Corporations are on top of the big plastic polluters and we are facing a real-world problem. DeFi and CeFi just don't care about the environment. Bancambios is building an open-source Impact tool, any DApp can implement and protect...
  3. T

    Token Increasing your capital / New crypto projects

    Increase your capital on new crypto projects Download the pdf file to learn how to grow your capital on new crypto projects
  4. GLIZE

    Token Glize - | The limitless possibilities of blockchain technologies.

    Welcome to the GLIZE Community! We are a modern and continuously evolving GLIZE token community, which takes full advantage of cutting edge technology. GLIZE is a young and developing token, which in the future will be the basis of a powerful NFT-marketplace. Our key development vector is...
  5. A

    Token Obsidium - | is an ecosystem serverless, cross-chain, layer-2 solution

    What is Obsidium ? Obsidium is an ecosystem serverless, cross-chain, layer-2 solution that fuel the crypto space with DeFi, AAM & NFTs. Its benefits include infinite scalability, high throughput sub-second confirmation time, and fees at a tenth of a cent. Obsidium ($OBS) was created to develop...
  6. C

    Token Stellar Diamond | - Building a Community Of Diversity & Integrity

    The Stellar Diamond __________________________________________________________________________________________________ WEBSITE | WHITEPAPER | TWITTER | MEDIUM | YOUTUBE | TELEGRAM |...
  7. R

    Token Babel Fish - | Money Protocol |Public Sale Event at Sovryn Origin

    Sovryn was one of the successful public sale events, launched in April with $9 million in funding. Now Sovryn has an Origin Launched pad, and the first project on its origin page is BabelFiash a Money protocol. With the success of the Sovryn, BabelFish is also going to be one of the successful...
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    Token TetraPay Project -

    #TETRAPAY WE MAKE SMART FUTURE CRYPTOCURRENCY Tetra Pay is a block chain based marketplace, where buyers and sellers meet to carry out operations involving digital goods and assets with crypto currency transactions. The unique advantage here is an automatic matching of users, basing on...
  9. I

    Token [ANN] CryptoQuarium - Deployed on MATIC Mainnet

    How to Buy:
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    Faucet Axo2moon

    Login To your account Using you Bep20(BNB) address and Claim 1$ ($AXO) 15 minutes For free LINK By Getting referrals you’ll receive 30% of each claim your referrals get , Get more referrals, earn more dollars
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    Token Mononoke NFT Token - - To Our Nature, With Love

    Mononoke NFT Token — To Our Nature, With Love __________________________________________________________________________________________________ WEBSITE | WHITEPAPER | TWITTER | MEDIUM | YOUTUBE | TELEGRAM |...
  12. spekmato

    Token Unlisted Shitcoin Talk - Lubuk Emas atau Lubuk Perak?

    slm kawe buka rumah baru untuk kita bincangkan coin2 yang dilupakan...(ada kata shitcoin :)) ) kawe ada beli coin2 ni di exchanger coinex, yobit, binance, kucoin dan lain2 exchanger coin2 shitcoin yang telah kawe beli.. 1. paccoin 2. token 3. yes 4. trx 5. dime 6. NYC 7. SHND 8. sprts 9...
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  14. R

    Quai Dao -

  15. superstarsp

    Token Exchange Junca Cash - Junca Group Company

    JUNCACASH CRYPTO AND FINTECH SERVICES TO ENABLE PAYMENT AND EXCHANGES FOR THE PHILIPPINES Junca Group Company, a beauty and finance market leader. The Junca Cash Token is a unit price exchange in the Junca Cash blockchain software. #JuncaCash #Token #BLOCKCHAINYUSRA n #wallet...
  16. T

    Un-Ruggable Liquidity Locked Meme Charity Token

    ABOUT $MGOOSE Our main goal is to donate to endangered animals charities through our Multi-Signature charity wallet together with our strong community, and continue to expand people's views on the persistent problem of endangered animals and educate people on how to help more. And let's admit...
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    A secure, distributed platform built for enterprise applications and services

    Blockchain. Simplified. Neblio is a secure, distributed platform built for enterprise applications and services. Explore Our Knowledge Base: Start Staking NEBL: Developer Friendly Neblio makes blockchain simple. The Neblio...
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