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    European Central Bank cuts interest rates and restarts QE policy

    The European Central Bank (ECB) yesterday (12th) interest rate decision meeting, if the market expects to announce, will further reduce the bank's excess reserve deposit interest rate from minus 0.4% to minus 0.5%, and restart the monetary quantitative easing policy from November this year(QE)...
  2. Munzirmokhtar

    Skipjack DIME Encrypcurrency

    The dream is real! Assalamualaikum, & selamat sejahtera Website rasmi skipjack Versi Melayu : link untuk buka akaun skipjack Trading platform is coming. Get ready guys! ** Skipjack Dime Live...
  3. dloanman

    Sistem & Indicator Forex Gemini Code Meletop! Tinggal sikit je nak abih dah...

    "Master Trader And Hedge Fund Manager Stuns The Trading World By Giving Away For FREE... His Dynamic Triple Edge System + Indicator That Makes 159% Per Month That Even A Complete Beginner Could Make Money From Within Hours" download here ==> <== Meet Vladimir...
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    MT4 Trade Copier

    MT4 Trade copier
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    MT4EmailSender Send email from MT4 using your external/public email service provider(including SSL authentication)
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    Familiar with your MetaTrader

    Thread ini adalah khusus utk newbies atau sesiapa sahaja yang mempunyai pertanyaan berkenaan dengan metatrader platform. Sebelum pertanyaan di buat sila baca DI SINI ============================================================== MetaTrader4 user guide refer HERE
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