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  1. C

    Dogecoin aims for $0.0850 amid bullish signals and whale activity

    Dogecoin (DOGE) is exhibiting signs of a potential uptrend as it attempts to break through the resistance level of $0.0786 with aspirations to reach a target of $0.0850. The popular meme cryptocurrency experienced a notable recovery after hitting a support level at $0.0722 between November 12...
  2. P

    Funny Egg -

    A site similar to Gemly. You can earn a minimum of 1 dogecoin per day without any investment. Minimum withraw amount is 50 dogecoins. You can register and start earning from the link below.
  3. H

    Paying Dogehour -

    I am not owner or administrator. Information has been posted here only for discussion. Project Start: November 1, 2022 Project - About HYIP: Are you looking for the highest returns on your investments? Dogehour - an automated online investment platform is a top...
  4. Adrieris

    Coin Dingocoin - | Wild Doge Parody

    DINGOCOIN MUCH KING DINGO SUCH WILD DOGE Website GitHub Algorithm: Scrypt Exchange
  5. mamadov12

    Paying Dogenimo -

    Online Date 2022-05-12 Investment Plans: 110% Profit for 12 Hours, 125% Profit for 24 Hours, 140% Profit for 24 Hours Min Spend $1 Min Withdraw $1 DogeCoin/USDT TRC20 Referral Commission 3 levels: 5% - 3% -1% Withdrawal Type Manual GoldCoders' Script DDoS Protection by Ddos-Guard About...
  6. mamadov12

    Paying Trontrustie TRX Cloud Mining -

    Started: 16 March 2022 Payouts: Instant (minimum withdrawal amount is 30 TRX and there is no fee!) Ref-offer : 5% Features: Accepts: TRX Investment plans: NEWBY INVESTORS (NO BONUS) 30 TRX-300 TRX FOR 90 DAYS BRAVE INVESTOR (+2% Balance Bonus) 301 TRX-1000 TRX FOR 90 DAYS EXPERIENCED...
  7. mamadov12

    Paying DogenovTank Cloud Mining -

    Started: 10 February 2022 Payouts: Instant Ref-offer 5% Earning rate 5% Accepts: Dogecoin Investment plans: 30 Doge - Unlimited 5% per daily for 90 days (deposit returned) Features: 24/7 LiveSupport 10 DH/S Sign Up Bonus No investment requirement Automatic Payment Money back guaranteed...
  8. br1245 Reviews : SCAM or LEGIT?

    Dogetrix offers free dogecoins every minute (~50 DOGE monthly) and several other staking pools to investors looking for +100% monthly yield. Started on the dark web five months ago it is now finally available on the clearnet as well. Min. deposit: $0.50 (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Perfect...
  9. mamadov12

    Paying DogeNova Cloud Mining-

    DOGENOVA NEW CLOUD MINING DOGE PLATFORM Invest plans: - 7% for 45 Days | Price: 50 DOGE - 8% for 45 DAYS | Pice : 100 DOGE - 9% for 60 DAYS | Pice : 150 DOGE - 10% for 60 DAYS | Pice : 200 DOGE - 10% for 60 DAYS | Pice : 250 DOGE - 10% for 60 DAYS | Pice : 300 DOGE - 12.5% for 60 DAYS | Pice ...
  10. mamadov12

    Paying DogeDones New Cloud Mining Doge Platform -

    Start April 25, 2021 Plans: -Accept: DogeCoin -Dedicated DDoS protected Server - Cloudflare -SSL - Cloudflare, Inc -Referral commission: 4% -Automatic Withdraw - Automatic Deposit -Minimum Deposit: 50 Doge -Minimum Withdraw: 50 Doge 15 Doge Registration Bonus! Register Now
  11. mamadov12

    Paying DogeDone -

    Start April 20, 2021 Plans: -Accept: DogeCoin -Dedicated DDoS protected Server - Cloudflare -SSL - Cloudflare, Inc -Referral commission: 4% -Automatic Withdraw - Automatic Deposit -Minimum Deposit: 50 Doge -Minimum Withdraw: 50 Doge 10 Doge Registration Bonus! Register Now
  12. H

    Paying Dogefor

    PLANS: BRONZE PACKAGE: Daily Profit 10% - PRICE:150 DOGE SILVER PACKAGE: Daily Profit 10% - PRICE:300 DOGE GOLD PACKAGE: Daily Profit 12.5%- PRICE:750 DOGE PLATINIUM PACKAGE: Daily Profit 15% - PRICE:1000 DOGE DIAMOND PACKAGE: Daily Profit 17.5% -PRICE:3000 DOGE...
  13. br1245

    RollerCoin - play Game and ern bitcoin-Dogecoin

    Play very simple games and ern power for mine bitcoin and dogecoin REGISTER REGISTER REGISTER REGISTER Register here:
  14. E

    Magics Coins - Telegram bot and crypto investor community.

    Trust Investment Management Service - Magics Coins. Magics Coins is a Telegram bot and crypto investor community. A good solution for all fans of online investments and supporters of the development and popularization of cryptocurrencies, in particular Bitcoin. We focus on investing in...
  15. Xenex LLC

    CEX Xenex LLC - A cryptocurrency exchanger

    Good day, dear forum users !!! We bring to you the most reliable Xenex exchange service . Xenex LLC is an online cryptocurrency exchanger. We have developed Xenex LLC exchange platform keeping user safety and secure transaction processing in mind. Our secure user friendly platform makes it...
  16. D

    MineDOGEfun -

    Great new Dogecoin Mining Game, earn without depositing. Sign up and get free 50 MH/s, refer users and get 5 MH/s for each, claim bonus MH/s from faucet. You will also need mining time to be able to earn, you can claim it by watching PTC ads, each ad gives 60 minutes. Minimum withdraw is 0.01...
  17. D

    Paying MineDOGE | Dogecoin Cloud Mining Platform | MDL Token | Airdrop | Bounties

    Sign Up Bonus 50 MH/s bonus on Sign Up and additional 5 MH/s for each referral + 10% commissions. Additional bonus of up to 5MH/s can be claimed every hour. The free contract never expires. 50 MDL Community Token on sign up and additional 10 MDL for each referral. Bounty Program Get bounties...
  18. M


    🔥 X-maker +100% for 24 hours ✅ Status: Paying ⏰ Running days: 2 💵 Investment plan: +100% for 24 hours 💸 Affiliate program: 25% 💷 Payment systems: BTC, ETH, DOGE, LTC, USD (PM+PAYEER) ⚠The minimal deposit for: ✅ BTC - 0.0001 or 10000 satoshi ✅ ETH - 0.007...

    Paying LUNOX.CLUB - 200% ~ 250% for 60 days

    I'm not the admin Start project 2020-01-12. Description: Invest Like a Professional Established in December 2019, Lunox is engaged in the trading of petroleum products and derivatives. Our expertise, devotion and efforts have increasingly rewarded us with excellent profits over the past...
  20. H

    Paying Automated mining

    WELCOME TO DOGESCA Partner for Mining. With Our Automated Dogecoin Mining Platform Get up to 100% Profit & Many Bonus instantly Miner Plan: 4.16% Daily For 30 Days 9.33% Daily For 30 Days 7% daily For 20 Days Minimal Deposit: 1000 Dogecoin Minimal Withdaw: 10 Dogecoin Fee Withdraw: 3...
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