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  1. E

    I invite you to work on my earning schemes.[METHOD]

    Need people to work on my projects, not enough time to do the job at the moment. For this reason I am looking for partners for work, I will give you all the materials that I have... All circuits are connected, with crypto themes namely DeFi flash loan. My site: My channel...
  2. Dann

    DeFi Apa itu DeFi dalam kripto?

    DeFi = Decentralized Finance ialah satu protokol blockchain-based berbentuk kewangan yang menggunakan blockchain Ethereum . Lonjakan Bitcoin yang tinggi dalam sejarah blockchain dalam sekitar hujung 2019 actually buka mata ramai "opportunist" dan "market maker" dengan idea untuk membangunkan...
  3. C

    Token 🔥🔥 [ANN][DAVT] Daivat: A Complete All-in-One DeFi Ecosystem 🚀🚀

    WEBSITE | TWITTER | TELEGRAM | FACEBOOK | MEDIUM WHAT IS DAIVAT? DaiVat token is creating a completely new ecosystem Where people can do digital trade from all over the world with a low transaction fee enabling a highly liberating, strategic, low-risk, and seamless trading experience in a...
  4. superstarsp

    Token Open Defi Dao - | A catalyst for a multi chain Defi world

    Open Defi Dao — A catalyst for a multi-chain Defi world In the course of my research on crypto-focused VC, and their blockchain-based portfolios, I came across a very interesting project called Domination Finance ( After digging a bit deeper into Domination finance (my...
  5. T

    Top1Swap the new center of the defi, Presale Live!!

    🚨🚨Top1Swap the new center of the defi 🚨🚨 ☑️Price 100 TOP = 1 BNB 💥💥 after pre-sale end price will be: 20 Top1 = 1 BNB 💥💥 ☑️Buy Now: ☑️Presale works on a first come, first served basis. Type: BEP20 Contract Address...
  6. T

    Deep Dive : CDOs in DeFi Space

    What does the infamous bad boy of the 2008 financial crisis have to do with Decentralised Finance? What are CDOs? CDOs stand for Collateralised Debt Obligations, and is a structured financial product that has been employed at scale in traditional finance for many years. The defining mechanism...
  7. T

    Bor Protocol: Decentralized Yield Robo Advisor on Polkadot

    We are pleased to announce the launch of Bor Protocol, a decentralized finance ecosystem and grow engine for your crypto assets. We as Bor Foundation have developed an eco-system for more profitable strategies that can act quickly at all times and allow the users to achieve the most profitable...
  8. MATCH Token

    Exchange MATCH token Liquidity Staking is ON!

    MATCH #DecentralizedFinance has been launched! We have defined the formula deliberately to ensure the calculation is fair to the Liquidity Providers. The calculation considers the amount of liquidity and the duration of the liquidity. The longer you put liquidity and more MATCH/TRX LP tokens...
  9. T

    Exchange Auto protocol for ERC-20 tokens swap with DeFi features like Farming and Staking

    YPro.Finance is an automated protocol for ERC-20 tokens swap with DeFi features like Farming and Staking. YPro.Farm officially started on 03.03.2021! Most important information about launch: YPro Token (YPRO) contract: 0x067085aA0FF4e97A3C61BF06DE618E0aAe11DBc2 YPro Farm (YPF) contract...
  10. T

    Token ADD.XYZ is the former PlutusDefi -- all-in-one DeFi aggregator

    ADD.XYZ is the former PlutusDefi -- all-in-one DeFi aggregator Backed by large investors such as Changelly, Bitcoin,com, SMC Capital, NGC Ventures, Torchlight Ventures and others. Just had a successful token swap, team is solid (unlike for example PAID Network) Released BL3ND3R, a privacy mixer...
  11. D

    Exchange Crystal Elephant Token (CETO) savings account paying 112%

    Overview: CETO is a dividend-producing hourglass contract on the Tron blockchain that promotes a culture of savings and longevity. The token increases and decreases in value algorithmically with every purchase or sale, producing dividends for tokenholders through each standard 10% transaction...
  12. T

    Token Sting Defi NFT Gaming Project just hold in your wallet and get 100% to 1000%

    The NFT Gaming Pro based on Binance smart chain. it has staking benefits. just hold in your wallet and get 100% to 1000% Annual profit. Announcement: Hi Guys as we are near launch of Sting Defi on exchange. There are several benefits of holding and also utilities of Sting Defi which is built on...
  13. T

    Token Dogecoin Cash: Combines the benefits of DeFi with the meme power of Dogecoin

    Dogecoin Cash = Dogecoin + DeFi: Staking & Uniswap & PancakeSwap. The people's cryptocurrency on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.
  14. T

    Token Lotus Finance – Secure DeFi on the Binance Smart Chain

    Lotus Finance  is a decentralized exchange and yield farm built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The mission is to provide a rigorous and dynamic trading platform on the BSC blockchain, maximizing interoperability, scaling and security. The BSC space has become inundated with cosmetic and...
  15. T

    Token Hemp Finance – Hemp Finance Cannabis 2.0 Powered by DeFi

    Hemp Finance Cannabis 2.0 Powered by DeFi Hemp Finance develops a DeFi protocol for the digitization, management, and financing of Startups and projects in the legal industry of Medicinal Cannabis and Industrial Hemp. HEMP FINANCE A real proposal for the creation of the Cannabis 2.0 industry...
  16. H

    Coin [Discussion] SPACESWAP🔥 Partnership with QuaiDao

    QUAI DAO...Let’s DRIVE SUCCESS TOGETHER. We just made a great partnership with SPACESWAP🔥 🔰 🔰 🔰 🔰 🔰 🔰
  17. T

    Token TRAMS: A new DeFi DEX offering a wide variety of digital assets trading

    Open DeFi Protocol Powering the Future of Decentralized Crypto Trading Blockchain technology has definitely come a long way, from the days of relative obscurity (think “Bitcoin pizza”) to the present. Throughout its decade-long history, it’s been a rollercoaster ride characterized by historic...
  18. T

    Token $

    YFEED Network comes with a true deflationary ERC-20 token. It aims to build a suite of different staking and betting decentralized applications (DApps), catering to a wider audience of betting enthusiasts and those who are interested in staking to generate consistent long term rewards...
  19. MATCH Token

    Token Introduction to MATCH Token, Utility Token for DeFi and DeBet -

    Background of MATCH token Blockchain is a technology that leverages decentralized networks and is not exclusively managed by a single participant. There are many decentralized networks available on the internet nowadays. Many developers convinced the potential investors to invest their money...
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