1. E

    Wallet BitYard -

    Margin future new on BitYard - new registration 4 USDT free and bonus 258$ Registration link: BitYard Get a total bonus of $ 258 for reaching trade volume If you want to have more floor coins, you will have to trade more or less, it will be calculated according to the volume, this mechanism is...
  2. E

    Faucet What is SNAP Point on SnapEx?

    What is SNAP Point on SnapEx? SNAP Point or SNAP point is simply understood as a point on SnapEx floor. SnapEx team has designed this SNAP point so that users can: Earn SNAP points for doing some simple tasks. Use this SNAP to pay transaction fees. Currently, the purpose of SNAP on the floor...
  3. E

    Token Get free 88,888 token COINSTO [CSO]

    Coinsto Token(CSO) is a Cryptocurrency project helping people to learn by others experience. Coinsto is focus on giving value to the people by the people, the platform will only act as a slate to help individuals and organizations learn from anyone whom volunteer to share his or her experience...
  4. H

    Wallet Bitcoin Era -

    I want to get some information about Bitcoin era
  5. K

    Staked - Staked Wallet

    Deposit and Earn up to 1.5% with low risk 1) Earn 0.2% interest daily Without Lock-in period Just deposit minimum sum to get profit: 0.002 BTC / 0.2 LTC / 5,000 Doge / 0.2 DASH / 0.05 BCH / 0.1 ETH 2) Increase your Earnings to 0.6% - 1.5% daily by staking for at...
  6. freddie42

    Faucet Faucet Haus Club -

    I'm not the admin.The developer of the web is from Malaysia and I think this will attract a lot of Malaysian so I urge you guys to join especially if you are from Malaysia because the early bird take the worm hehe . The language in the website is in Malay so if you have any question,you can...
  7. C

    Unlisted [ANN] Prizm Cash - SAME SAME, BUT DIFFERENT

  8. C

    Token [ANN][IPX] ImpulsX Trade Cryptocurrencies with ImpulsX Global Order Book

    Stable price and high liquidity with ImpulsX ImpulsX is a cryptocurrency exchange making use of Global Order Books to facilitate fast trading and high liquidity. This is how we stand out: • External order book of OKEx and HitBTC linked for fast trading and high liquidity • Users from all...
  9. C

    [ANN] Operation Phoenix Advanced Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining

    Operation Phoenix Advanced Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining Website: Telegram: Facebook: 100% Green Mining Solution The electricity comes from 100% renewable energy. The heat created by our...
  10. C

    Coin [ANN][CHND] CashHand The Next Giant E-Commerce

    Welcome to Cashhand Cryptocurrencies have brought a wide range of unprecedented opportunities to entrepreneurs and investors with impressive economic growth. CashHand is gearing up to disrupt the conventional cryptocurrency market strategies, approaches and business practices by creating...
  11. C

    Token [ANN][LEADWALLET][LEAD][World's Simplest Cryptocurrency Wallet]

  12. L

    Faucet Wowdoge -

    New faucet offer a good income How to earn? Faucet - 0.1 + 1CSN + 5 Exp every 30 minutes Auhofaucet - 0.001 + 0.1 CSN + 1 Exp PTC - 0.6 + 1 CSN + 5 Exp Shortlinks - 0.5 + 1 CSN + 5 Exp The best part is mining - earn 1.9% rate daily for 365 days 10% affilliate commission Level system -...
  13. Tomhunter

    Autoprosperity -

    Why it may be the right time to invest in P2P Lending Platform? Generally, a Peer to Peer (P2P) Lending platform can be described as an intermediary which connects borrowers to lenders who are willing to invest their surplus funds in loans. The process bypasses the traditional financial system...
  14. SirMode

    Wallet ExchangerBit -

    salam warga CG. Saya ingin memperkenalkan servis arbitrage autotrade cryptocurrency oleh Keuntungan trading dilakukan oleh robot. beli dan jual atas perbezaan harga di exchanger-exchanger cryptocurrency. Bukan money game but auto real trade yang bekerja 24/7. Profit gain...
  15. L

    Wallet Faucetpay -

    New Microwallet i think Faucetpay is the best of all microwallet to earn for free How to Earn? Earn By Fauceting Paid to Click Offerwall Rock paper scissor Multiply BTC Wagering Contest Worth 800$ Refferral Contest Worth 150$ Daily Bonus Reward And Stay Tune for more updates CLICK HERE TO...
  16. C

    Coin [ANN][WICC] WaykiChain Successfully Listed on Bittrex Global

    On Februray 26, 2020, 1AM CET (UTC+1)/ Feb 25, 16PM PST(UTC-8)/ Feb 26, 8AM SGT (UTC+8), WaykiChain (WICC) is listed on Bittrex Global. The following trading pairs will be available: WICC/BTC and WICC/USDT. About Bittrex Global Bittrex Global is an international cryptocurrency exchange based...
  17. C

    Token [ANN] [Bounty] inSure System -

    Insure System – Infinity Project inSure Your Crypto Portfolio We established this system to protect you from the scams and drastic devaluation of your crypto portfolio What we do Offering the Best Insurance for the Crypto Portfolios We were tired of seeing people being scammed and...
  18. Ms Senorita

    Coin Tahap kesedaran tentang aset kripto dan ICO di Asia Tenggara

    Sejauh manakah pengetahuan serta pelaburan rakyat Malaysia dengan aset kripto ? Berbanding dengan negara-negara jiran, Malaysia mempunyai tahap kesedaran yang paling tinggi mengenai mata wang kripto, menurut satu tinjauan oleh Organisasi Kerjasama Ekonomi dan Pembangunan. Secara keseluruhannya...
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