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  1. Monetary legitimacy and legal framework: Accerx outlines a new vision for the digital euro

    The Environmental Evolution of Digital Currency: Insights from Bloomberg Experts and Accerx's Strategic Deployment

    In the global financial sector, cryptocurrency continues to be an important force that cannot be ignored. Especially recently, Bloomberg analyst Jamie Coutts' remarks have brought exciting news to the entire cryptocurrency field: Bitcoin's clean energy usage has exceeded 50%. This is not just a...
  2. M

    CEX MyCoinChange - Your one stop shop. Automatically exchange your digital assets 24/7

    🔥 Order processing within 1-30 minutes. Instant, fast and secure exchange at your fingertips. ⏰ Support: Ticket system responded to within 24 hours. Email also available for further requests. 👛 Wallet: Store, Exchange or trade 100’s of cryptocurrencies within one ecosystem ⚛️ Defi Ecosystem: The...
  3. 16tonn

    DEX | Buying and selling cryptocurrencies

    Greetings to all forum participants. We present you a modern exchange service that allows you to exchange cryptocurrency and fiat money at the most favorable rates! We work with currencies: Bitcoin BTC Ethereum ETH; Tether TRC 20 USDT; US Dollar Coin TRC20 USDC...
  4. ekom

    Staking IdooL Primmax -

    Assalamualaikum... slm sejahtera kwn2... Apps akhir zaman.. mempersembahkan idool..... Ada kwn promote biz ni.. dah join staking pun dan mula mendapatkan reward... Syarikat boleh rujuk di Dipendekkan cerita... difahamkan ianya sebuah aplikasi one stop...
  5. Xploit Machine

    Crypto Chat, News Teknik "Penyembelih Khinzir" Di Guna Bagi Selinap Masuk 3 Aplikasi Dalam Stor Apple & Google

    Pneyelidik keselamatan dari Sophos melaporkan penemuan teknik yang dikenali sebagai 'CryptoRom' bagi penjenayah siber menyelinap masukkan apliaksi palsu ke dalam Apple App Store dan Google Play Store. Teknik itu yang juga dikenali sebagai "penyembelihan khinzir" digunakan bagi tujuan penipuan...
  6. J

    Token Qukex - | BSC 100X token Presale

    Alert this is a big project launching soon on binance smart chain Qukex A Web3 Wallet For All Your Payments comes with Visa Card. Qukex enables you to pay in cryptocurrencies on over millions of merchants worldwide. Quickest and easiest way to pay for your shopping, bills, gas stations & more...
  7. swapline

    CEX - reliable exchange for crypto

    Swapline team presents the Exchange Platform, aiming to become the simplest and unique exchange, helping the customers to make the swap cryptocurrency experience non-problematic and secure. You may use Swapline without signing in or creating an account. is a user-friendly platform...
  8. alexsari

    NFT Muzella -

    I want to create a NFT collection that has enables me to also launch upgrades in the future.Muzella seems to be the easier way forward to initially mint the NFT collection however I have some doubts on long-term sustainability. Maybe somebody has experience and could provide some insights here...
  9. J

    Coin Caizcoin -

    Hi everyone, Im searching new cryptos for a while and I found a project called 'Caizcoin' Its not listed on any exchanges yet but a feel like thats a very interesting project. They provide international money transfers all around the world. They're active on social media as well and announced a...
  10. J

    Coin Bitcoin tightened to $20,000 for the time being

    Bitcoin rose 3.5% on Tuesday, ending the day around $20,400, but continued pressure on risky assets in Asia brought the price of the first cryptocurrency back below $20,000 on Wednesday morning. Ethereum has lost 3% in the past 24 hours, with prices for the leading altcoins ranging from -3.1%...
  11. TradeLikeAPro

    Crypto Analysis by FxPro

    Bitcoin fell 1.8% on Tuesday, ending the day around $37,700 and temporarily below a meaningful support line. Notably, it was a cryptocurrency selloff as stock indices developed gains. The demand for risk recovery has likely returned interest in cryptos that went into the green on Wednesday...
  12. UkManager

    To Sell ❗️Full verified accounts of crypto and payment systems UK and USA

    Telegram chanel ➥@verifiedacc_uk List of popular services, in stock and to order: ✓ binance, ✓ coinbase, ✓ skrill, ✓ neteller, ✓ crypto com, ✓monzo, ✓moonpay ✓paxful, ✓ftx, ✓paxful, ✓AdvCash, ✓kraken, ✓cex, ✓blockchain, ✓nexo, ✓zen, ✓gemini This is a small list of...
  13. I

    Token WDLF Tokens - | Decentral Life, Socmed and e-marketplace platform

    Decentral Life is a Blockchain Powered Decentralized Social Networking and Token Project, powering niche industry Social Network and E-commerce companies that license the Social Life Network SaaS platform. Social Life Network is a Technology Business Incubator (TBI) that, through individual the...
  14. I

    DeFi Bancambios - | impact-driven & multi chain order-book ecosystem

    Climate change it's more than ever a hot topic for everyone. Corporations are on top of the big plastic polluters and we are facing a real-world problem. DeFi and CeFi just don't care about the environment. Bancambios is building an open-source Impact tool, any DApp can implement and protect...
  15. S

    Token Shaktiio - | World’s 1st anti-liquidation protocol for crypto-backed loans

    Based on the Anti-liquidation protocol, Shaktiio develops a liquidation protection program for CeFi lending platforms. The anti-liquidation protocol aids the stability of the bitcoin market by preventing it from being overextended. The expansion of the loan market and the extensive usage of...
  16. C

    Token TetraPay Project -

    #TETRAPAY WE MAKE SMART FUTURE CRYPTOCURRENCY Tetra Pay is a block chain based marketplace, where buyers and sellers meet to carry out operations involving digital goods and assets with crypto currency transactions. The unique advantage here is an automatic matching of users, basing on...
  17. samad

    "Free Decentralized Online Storage" || Decentralized Online Storage Percuma

    Free Decentralized Online Storage Seperti mana yang semua tahu, apabila disebut perkataan file hosting atau cloud hosting, semua akan membayangkan servis seperti Google Drive, iCloud, DropBox, We Transfer dan lain-lain lagi. Kesemua servis yang dibayangkan adalah berbentuk "centralized" di...
  18. Dogecoinfree

    Paying DogeCoin Faucet-Faucet.Asia

    仅电子邮件注册 没有弹出广告 没有验证码 直接向您的 Faucetpay 索赔 每 30 分钟最多 1 个狗狗币 推荐奖金佣金 25% 我的佣金收入图:
  19. Xploit Machine

    Crypto Analysis Axiata & RHB Bank Bekerjasama Memohon Lesen Bank Digital

    03.06.2021 - Kuala Lumpur, Awal minggu ini ada laporan mengatakan syarikat komunikasi Axiata Group Bhd akan bekerjasama dengan RHB Bank untuk memohon lesen bank digital. Terkini, gabungan ini telah disahkan oleh syarikat telekomunikasi tersebut. Unit e-dompet Axiata, Boost Holdings, telah...
  20. B

    Pi Network - Probably Your Last Chance To Mine | Entering Mainnet This Year

    Pi Network, run by a team lead by Stanford Phd Dr. Nicolas Kokkalis, after 2 years since launching, is expected entering Mainnet before end of 2021, means that every single Pi coins you hold will have its value, the value is rumored to be around $100-$300 usd per coin but we will see. Mine while...
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