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  1. T

    Exchange Kromatika -

    In the previous posts, we were explaining on how to implement limit orders on Uniswap V3. Please check this link: To find more on limit orders. Based on the idea explained in the previous story, we are happy to announce KROMatika— next generation DEX Trading, powered by Uniswap and Chainlink...
  2. kc234

    Exchange Gdoge -

    Do you like to make a source of income? I think this is a new era of investing with real crypto coins. They offer great opportunities to earn in multiple ways. Hurry up and start your journey. GDOGE Finance is a cryptocurrency for Binance smart chains, so I think it's a great coin to invest...
  3. kc234

    Token VinSpace - | fashion industry token with Blockchain technology

    I think this is a real way to empower the fashion world by integrating blockchain technology. Their goal as a company is Synergistic effect never seen before Creating a sector, a functional platform it provides professionals E-commerce services, and tools to improve working conditions...
  4. F

    Unlisted TronFace (Tron Smart Contract) -

    TRONFACE Investment Plans: 1% Daily Until 200% (Principal Included)(Hourly Accruals) Min Spend - 100 TRX Min Withdrawal - 1 TRX Payment Processors - Tron Referral Commission – 5 Levels 1st – 5% 2nd – 2% 3rd – 1% 4th – 1% 5th – 1% Withdrawal Type – Instant About us – A...
  5. T

    Edufex: Advanced E-learning Management System

    Blockchain Enabled Platform of E-lear 8+ Partners-Universities Affiliated, 14917+ Students & 526+ Teachers CEO of Edufex Scope & Educational Marketplace The E-learning sector market size is large. It includes every individual who uses mobile and the internet. A study forecast that the...
  6. J

    RankingBall -

    There's this one game, Rankingball that using crypto currency as their game currency. Can Deposit or Withdraw and even swap GDC with other 75 main altcoins. Any other games that also using crypto? Cuz I find it interesting though. Before i forgot, it is real-data time sports game
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