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  1. Yahoo News

    Hashnote's U.S. Treasuries Token Now Available Through Crypto Custodian Copper

    05.02,2024 - Hashnote, a decentralized finance (DeFi) startup catering to compliance-conscious institutions, is offering its yield-bearing USYC token through Copper, the cryptocurrency custody firm chaired by former U.K. Chancellor Philip Hammond. Hashnote was the first crypto startup to emerge...
  2. C

    Token CratD2C (CRATD2C) - Decentralized Autonomous SmartChain

    Official Links: - Website: - Twitter: - Telegram Group: - Discord: Token Sale: DEC 20TH, 2023 - JUNE 30TH, 2024 Current token price : $0.18 Bonus: 10% REFERRAL COMMISSION, AIRDROP...

    Ultron x Mavie Global - Affiliate WEB3 & Pelaburan Crypto yang bakal lahirkan ramai Billionaire!!!

    Sapa2 sini yang mengikuti perkembangan Ultron x Mavie Global semenjak dua menjak ni?
  4. M

    CEX MyCoinChange - Your one stop shop. Automatically exchange your digital assets 24/7

    🔥 Order processing within 1-30 minutes. Instant, fast and secure exchange at your fingertips. ⏰ Support: Ticket system responded to within 24 hours. Email also available for further requests. 👛 Wallet: Store, Exchange or trade 100’s of cryptocurrencies within one ecosystem ⚛️ Defi Ecosystem: The...

    ULTRON jangan terlepas kalini. Mungkin macam BTC untuk yang terlepas letupan BTC sebelum ni.

    Salam sejahtera warga CG. Ni saya nak share personal experience beli ULX (ultron) dan staking mula hujung bulan ogos baru ni (27/08/2023) Beli 5443.89 ULX @ USD0.09/coin Harini ada 5849.88ULX @ USD0.14 usd489.95 dah jadi usd818.98
  6. Adrieris

    Token PBM Coin - | Revolutionizing trade finance with PBMC platform

    FUTURE OF TRADE FINANCE About PBM Coin PBM Coin (PBMC) is powered by blockchain technology to provide a decentralized marketplace whereby businesses can tap on the different financial solutions available to meet their business needs in a timely manner without having to go through any...
  7. Adrieris

    Developers [RVO][PoS] REVO - | Layer 1 Decentralized Public EVM Blockchain

    Introducing REVO The blockchain world is full of opensource projects and services that want to consolidate on well-defined technological aspects however. For example, Bitcoin has its roots in protocol security and decentralization, Ethereum is focused on decentralized applications (DApp -Smart...
  8. C

    Coin Galobank : Bridging Traditional Finance With Crypto

    ABOUT GALOBANK ✅ FAST AND LOW-COST TRANSACTIONS: POA networks can process transactions quickly and cheaply, making them ideal for use in DeFi and CeFi applications. ✅ INTERNATIONAL ACCESSIBILITY: POA networks can facilitate cross-border transactions and can be accessed from anywhere in the...
  9. Adrieris

    Coin STAI BLOCKCHAIN - | The filling station of the future

    Let's raise our living standards to a new level This is where the STAI coin comes in. A blockchain technology of the station-i. Designed to provide you with the basic needs of daily life in our modern society: transportation and food. Which are nowhere to be found free of charge. But we are...
  10. alexsari

    NFT Muzella -

    I want to create a NFT collection that has enables me to also launch upgrades in the future.Muzella seems to be the easier way forward to initially mint the NFT collection however I have some doubts on long-term sustainability. Maybe somebody has experience and could provide some insights here...
  11. X

    Bolehkah industri pelancongan diintegrasikan bersama Web3 dan NFT?

    Bolehkah industri pelancongan diintegrasikan bersama Web3, blockchain dan NFT? Kalau boleh, apakah cara-caranya?
  12. RusefSandi

    DeFi WACEO - Regulatory clarity to DAOs and blockchain-based projects

    WACEO AISBL is a non-profit organization with a mission to bring regulatory clarity to DAO and blockchain-based projects from DeFi, NFT to general blockchain implementations. WACEO make it their duty to deliver expert legal advice, legal representation and business consultation services to...
  13. B

    Token Brickken - | A Decentralized Way to Raise Funds for your Business

    Brickken’s decentralized technology provides the platform and tools needed for the world to tokenize itself Brickken is creating a dApp that provides the tools needed for individuals and businesses to issue their own Security Tokens, anywhere in the world using state-of-the-art blockchain...
  14. C

    Coin 🔗 [ANN][HBIT] Hashbit Blockchain: 100% POS With Curve25519 + SHA256 🔥

    ABOUT HASHBIT HBIT is a 100% proof-of-stake cryptocurrency, constructed in open-source Java. HBIT unique proof-of-stake algorithm does not depend on any implementation of the coin age concept used by other proof-of-stake cryptocurrencies, and is resistant to so-called nothing at stake attacks...
  15. H

    Token Humutoken - | Become a HUMSTER – Be an early investor of HUMU

    Become a HUMSTER – Be an early investor of HUMU Contact us [email protected]
  16. Tiaramarketplace

    Token Benefits of Crypto-trading on Tiara Platform

    Tiara promises to bring a lot of potential to the NFT technology market thanks to its unique features. Firstly, Tiara allows creating items in the form of NFT tokens with BEP 721, and BEP 1551. Anyone can create an NFT. An artist can easily access the platform and create digital counterparts...
  17. C

    Token 🔥🔥 [ANN][AXPR] aXpire: Creating Fintech SaaS For The Modern Age! ✅✅

    About aXpire Our B2B SaaS products target a wide range of enterprises and industries. Below, you’ll find a selection of our main user types. Legal Finance Banking Retail Construction General The AXPR Token Our token acts as a central backbone of the aXpire ecosystem. No...
  18. T

    Token How Andrew Schneider And Are Stealing Bitcoins is one of the world's latest cryptocurrency wallet providers and is sadly trusted by millions. These people are putting their savings at major risk as on countless occasions funds have not been showing in wallets even though they have been confirmed on the blockchain. If you...
  19. C

    Coin [ANN] IDEAViS: Community-Driven Money Making Cryptocurrency

    WEBSITE ✦ FACEBOOK ✦ TWITTER ✦ INSTAGRAM ✦ LINKEDIN ✦ YOUTUBE ✦ TELEGRAM ABOUT US ──────── · ──────── IDEAVIS is a revolutionary crypto coin, that is based on the proof-of-work and the proof-of-stake algorithms to guarantee the ultimate security within the network. An extraordinary...
  20. superstarsp


    Blockchain in healthcare is fast expanding and transforming the healthcare space by ensuring safety, privacy and interoperability. #ATROMG8 #BLOCKCHAIN #HEALTHCARE #Exchange #DigitalToken -> platinumcryptoacademy
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