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    Token [ANN] VidiaChange - LA VIDA

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    Token [ANN] Icarus.Finance - Mining Made for Everyone is a first of its kind decentralized mining protocol which brings Bitcoin and Ethereum hashrate to the Binance Smart Chain, combining it with further DeFi applications Do you want to mine, or farm crypto assets? Perhaps both? No problem! At, you choose" There are...
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    Token [ANN] MyLottoCoin - Designed to Empower Players and Disrupt Unjust Classic Games

    WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | TWITTER | TELEGRAM| YOUTUBE | LINKEDIN | REDDIT | INSTAGRAM | GITHUB Project Overview: Designed to be fair, My Lotto Coin is an innovative lotto game, which incorporates the joy of traditional lotto experience into the security, reliability, transparency and performance...
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    Token [ANN] WallStreetBets Coin- JUST RELEASED!! - Join WallStreetBets!

    WallStreetBets - Coin Ticker: WSBC Join WSBC Today! The Fast, Secure, 100% Private WallStreetBets Coin! READ BEFORE BUYING!!! Hey all! We are working on clearing the bots but in the mean time let's all make sure we set the slippage low as the bots only work if the slippage is set high...
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    Token [ANN] DeFi City - Yield Farming Gamified & Simplified

    Introduction In the few short years since DeFi has been around, it has already managed to translate many legacy financial products into the decentralized world. Today DeFi offers a much more convenient, faster, and overall better user experience for use cases such as lending and borrowing, and...
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    CatJAM: A deflationary cryptocurrency, community driven DeFi Token

    CatJAM is a community driven DeFi Token with the sole purpose of rescuing and providing a safe haven for cats all over the world. Using the power of crypto to make a change. One pussy at a time. It's a deflationary cryptocurrency. Every time a transaction takes place, 2% of that transaction is...
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    Smart MFG Launching 3D & Industrial Design Collectibles NFT Creation Platform

    Smart MFG is expanding MFG utility and accessibility while accelerating blockchain mainstream adoption empowering 3D Modelers, Industrial Designers, Mechanical Engineers, Architects and Vintage Automotive and Aerospace Collectors and Novelty Space and Innovation Hardware Collectibles Aficionados...
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    SafeCovid, Mini-Games and NFTs Platform

    Auto-Staking by playing against covid-19 anxiety SafeCovid is a three-levels auto-staking protocol on Binance Smart Chain. Donation to NGO (name revealed soon) 20% of all transaction's game and NFT sale are donated to NGO. Funds will be sent every quarter...
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    SafePhoenix: A DeFi token built on the principles of fairness, safety and growth

    #SafePhoenix is a DeFi token built on the principles of fairness, safety and growth for all. We are a new token that's been live for less than 24 hours - our presalers have left and our contract has been renounced. We have a strong story having a community that stuck with the dedicated dev team...
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    SafeZone Token Platform Built With Binance Smart Chain #BSC

    SafeZone.Finance 🛡SafeZone (SafeZone.Finance) is an entirely community driven project. 🛡Completely Rug Free. 🛡 Fair launch 🛡 Auto-liquidity generated with every trade and locked for life 🛡 Verified contract 🛡 No Migrator Code _________ ❇️INSTANT STAKING❇️ With the SafeZone token there is no...
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    Merchant Token: Join the largest DeFi ICO in 2021

    Join the largest DeFi ICO in 2021! DeFi Payment Protocol that enables POS terminals on blockchains and brings consumer protection to crypto payments. Join Here : Initially scheduled for 90 days. Almost sold out half after only 9 days. Your chance to be...
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    HornyFarm: The most NSFW farm on the BSC

    Introduction The advancements in technology bring about disruption in the market flow and are identical in the case of blockchain as well. DeFi is the best product of blockchain and cryptocurrency so far. It revolutionized the way how people looked at investments. Though the traditional fiat...
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    Moonsafe: A passive income and increase the liquidity through RFI and LIQ

    Moonsafe is a 100% decentralized community project That gives to the holders a passive income and increase the liquidity through RFI and LIQ protocols. Moonsafe is the first community on BSC to support its investors by giving them the right to improve the project through community discussion...
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    MONGOOSE FINANCE: Un-Ruggable Locked Liquidity Fixed Supply Charity Token

    MonGoose Finance Token (MGoose) is a fun new community project that just completed a fair launch on Uniswap. The token has a community charity feature, and wallet designed to preserve wildlife via partnerships to be announced soon. Liquidity is locked, and 70% of the initial supply of 10 Billion...
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    MoonDAO - Hyper-deflationary reflect and automatic liquidity protocol

    You do not want to miss out on this early opportunity. MoonDao is early startup crypto with huge potential growth. Low market cap and cheap to get into. To learn more or buy now go to MoonDAO - RFI + LIQ Redesigned We bring simplicity to frictionless rewards. Our...
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    The Mello Token: A cryptocurrency built on Binance Smart Chain

    The Mello Token is Designed to integrate with our Virtual Reality gaming concept. Hold The Mello Token is a redistributive cryptocurrency built on Binance Smart Chain. Hold… and watch your balance grow. Graphic Earn 3% of each Mello Transaction (outside of exchanges) is instantly...
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    Panther Token: (PANTHER) Brand new, only Traded on Uniswap about to be listed on CMC and Coingecko. (any day now) -$PANTHER is a deflationary animal coin, which is trying to help animals in need with every transaction. -Total Supply 1 000 000 000 (1 Billion) Contract Address...
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