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amplifier speaker

  1. V

    To Sell BOOST Wireless Amplifier Speaker

    Works with most smartphones, including Apple and Android Does not require Bluetooth connectivity, any setup or Qi technology. Just place it on and it magically amplifies. (It works by grabbing the magnetic field from your phone. Pretty cool stuff.) Power output: 3W Rating output: 100Hz-20KHz...
  2. Adika

    To Sell ^^Amplifier Stellar^^

    Bagi peminat Amp/sound system Kereta, saya nak tolak amp brand Stellar saya ni. Pakai beberapa bulan je pastu simpan coz dia 2 channel, saya guna 4 channel. Bg yg tau ttg brand ni mesti kenal brand ni x banyak di pasaran , model pon terhad dijual. Made in USA. So, x mo cite banyak yg pastinya...
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