windows 7

  1. dloanman

    MeeGo Pad Tablet PC - Windows 8.1 Pro, 10.1 Inch Retina, Quad Core CPU, 64GB, GPS

    MeeGo Pad - Windows 8.1 Tablet PC with a Quad Core processor and large HD 10.1inch Retina with Intel as well as Wi-Fi and includes a keyboard CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO @ TO ORDER Intel Quad Core Performance If you’re in the market for a Windows tablet then you can’t go wrong with the MeeGo...
  2. V

    [WTGive]Windows VPS Hosting Free Trial

    In conjunction with 3 years anniversary in the Hosting Industry, we are pleased to offer Windows VPS Free Trial to our fellow CariGold Trader. Data Center: AIMS KL CPU: 2x E5-2420 Xeon HDD: Raid 10 Quantity: 20 Units Offered Forex VPS Trial Package: CPU: 1 Dedicated Core RAM: 1GB Disk Space...
  3. easeclick

    To Sell Thread Closed

    THREAD CLOSED Terima Kasih Warga CG Sebab Tolong Ingatkan Saya
  4. K

    Wanted Mencari lesen windows 7

    as salamu alaykum wbt. saya mencari-cari jika ada rakan CG yang jual lesen windows 7. hari tu ternampak ada yang jual 100 sebijik. harap-harap rakan yang jual tu boleh msg saya. dan jika ada rakan lain yang jual dengan best price, jangan segan silu untuk offer kepada saya. thanks in advance...
  5. NaZa

    Prepare to Get Windows 7 on Netbook

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