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pilot training

  1. dloanman

    Free Ebook Download - Guide On How To Be A Pilot In Malaysia

    ATTENTION FUTURE PILOTS IN MALAYSIA! Whether you want to fly a small aircraft during the weekends, or a Boeing 737 daily for an airline, the process that you need to follow is similar. You will need to learn about yourself, the aircraft, the weather, the flying environment, and the rules pilots...
  2. dloanman

    Pilot Training Course - Get Your Pilot Training Done In 30 Days

    ATTENTION FUTURE PILOTS! Learn How To Fly The Easy and Quick Way with The "CompletePilot" Flight Training System! This is a 30 Day Crash-Course To Attain Your Private Pilot License With The #1 Helicopter & Aircraft Flight Training System. You'll get CompletePilot training modules, including...
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